You’re doing a max bench press and the barbell begins to maneuver on a little bit of a diagonal.


You can’t cover anymore. One of your arms is stronger than the opposite.



Left-right muscle imbalances are extremely widespread, not simply together with your legs, but additionally within the higher physique, and a simple technique to iron out these imbalances is to work on some single-arm power.


Unilateral, or single-arm (or leg) work can be a good way to make sure you don’t overtrain your dominant aspect, which regularly begins taking up by default when it will get heavy. It additionally improves steadiness and core power and helps with damage prevention and rehabilitation.


Below are 5 straightforward methods to get you shifting in the precise path.


1. Top Loaded Banded Floor Press

This is a single-arm flooring press with a twist. While you’ll solely be pushing with one arm at a time, the opposite arm will likely be working in an opposing pressure by pulling a band. Not solely will this allow you to construct power, however it’s additionally an efficient technique to construct extra rigidity by your core as you’ll naturally should brace rather a lot more durable than you usually would because of the push-pull motion that’s taking place concurrently.


Note: Keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle out of your physique with each the pushing and pulling arms, and ensure the pulling arm stays glued to the bottom all the time.


  • Perform three units of 10-12 reps per arm.



2. Top Loaded Banded Shoulder Press

This is much like the above solely now you’re pulling the band and holding it on the high of a chest-to-bar pull-up place, whereas the opposite arm rocks out shoulder presses.


  • Perform three units of 10-12 reps per arm.




three. Seesaw Shoulder Press

These are a good way to reveal which arm is stronger, as you’ll definitely really feel one arm begin to tire quicker than the opposite. Like the title says, this motion takes on a seesaw motion, the place one arm is urgent overhead as the opposite arm is decreasing the dumbbell again right down to the shoulder.


Keep these gentle with excessive reps to see in the event that they expose a muscle imbalance. High reps may even assist construct some muscular endurance.


  • Do three units of 15-20 reps per arm.



four. Single Arm Dumbbell High Pull

For anybody who has lingering shoulder points, beware: Don’t do these in the event you really feel ache, and cease particularly if any discomfort will get worse as you proceed to do reps.


Most individuals discover one arm is significantly stronger than the opposite on these, which additionally makes them a terrific motion for ironing out power imbalances. Make positive your elbow stays above your hand on these reps, preserve the DB near your physique, and decrease the DB slowly and with management.


  • Try three units of 10 per arm. How heavy are you able to go for 10 reps?



5. Single Arm Ring Row

We have all finished ring rows earlier than, however the second you flip them into single arm ring rows, you’ll have a look at the motion in a complete new gentle.


You will discover you’ll most likely should preserve your physique far more vertical than you usually do with two arms. Make positive you retain an ideal hole physique place all through the motion.


  • Perform three units of Eight-10 reps per arm.



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