9 Longest-Lasting Produce Items & Storage Tips

Carrie Gabriel, MS, RDN, shares the longest-lasting produce picks, tips about easy methods to retailer every, and different hacks to protect the freshness of your favourite fruit and veggies.

There’s a myriad of legitimate causes for wanting your produce to remain recent for longer. For starters, recent fruit and greens can get costly. Next, your produce can contribute to meals waste if left unused earlier than going dangerous. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 94 % of tossed meals results in landfills. You can cut back your individual meals waste just by understanding easy methods to buy, retailer, and prep your produce to final so long as potential.

The subsequent time you’re prepared make a grocery run, take into account these 9 produce picks that final far longer than you’d anticipate—offered that you just retailer and use them correctly.

Top 9 Longest-Lasting Produce Items

1-2. Apples + Pears

Apples and pears have the longest storage lifetime of tree fruits. If left in your pantry, they will maintain up for about two weeks. However, these fruits may be saved in chilly storage as much as 4 months relying on humidity and the way recent they’re on the time of buy.

three. Beets

Beets will final round three to 5 days in your pantry, however round two weeks to 2 months in your fridge. If you prepare dinner them, they should be refrigerated inside two hours. To maximize the fridge lifetime of cooked beets for security and high quality, refrigerate the beets in a shallow hermetic container or wrap tightly with heavy-duty plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

four. Carrots

The common time for carrots to final in a pantry is 2 to 4 days, however they final within the fridge for as much as three to 4 weeks. However, the excessive moisture content material of carrots may cause them to rot extra rapidly, so maintain them dry to last more. If you purchase them in a plastic bag, add a paper towel to soak up the moisture. When it turns into saturated, change the paper towel out.

Tip: Cloth baggage are higher than plastic for storing every kind of produce, since plastic retains moisture and accelerates the rotting course of. Plus, fabric baggage are higher for the setting!

5. Garlic

Garlic is likely one of the longest-lasting produce objects, as long as you retailer it in a darkish, cool place with average humidity. Unless you’ve got an older, very dry residence, your garlic ought to do properly in a darkish kitchen cupboard.

You may retailer entire bulbs within the fridge, ideally in a paper bag so your fridge doesn’t take in the scent. The bulbs will final for a number of months. However, know that when garlic has been within the chilly, it’ll begin sprouting inside a number of days after being reintroduced to room temperature. With that in thoughts, maintain garlic within the fridge till simply earlier than you’re prepared to make use of it.

6. Onions

Onions can final in dry storage for one to 2 months in the summertime, and for as much as six months in winter. It’s greatest to retailer them in a cool, darkish, and dry house since they simply take in extra moisture. If uncovered to circumstances with excessive humidity, they’ll simply rot or sprout. For this cause, it’s additionally higher to go away them in mesh baggage as a substitute of plastic, in order that they get sufficient air.

Man peeling potatoes, one of the longest-lasting produce items

7. Potatoes (candy and white)

Both candy potatoes and white potatoes are greatest saved in cool, darkish locations, and may keep recent for 2 to 3 months. For optimum longevity, retailer them at cool temperatures of 40 levels Fahrenheit or much less. Excess mild may cause white potatoes to show inexperienced.

Sweet potatoes don’t final as lengthy in pantries—solely a few week—however they will last more in your fridge for as much as two months. (I do know this for a reality, as I’ve some in my fridge which have been there a number of weeks, they usually’re nonetheless recent!)

Tip: Be certain to maintain your potatoes away from onions and apples. Why? Onions and apples emit gases that velocity up the ripening course of for potatoes.

eight. Radishes

Red radishes retailer higher than white ones like daikon since they’re much less pungent. It’s greatest to retailer radishes as you’ll carrots, with their greens eliminated and in fabric baggage with a paper towel to soak up extra moisture. Prepped this manner, they need to last as long as a month within the fridge.

9. Squash

Varying quash varieties will retailer greatest in numerous methods. Spaghetti squash will final one to 2 months in your pantry or in a cool, darkish place in your kitchen. Next, heavier winter squash (butternut, acorn, pumpkin) can final for 2 to 6 months in a cool darkish place, and even in a cupboard in case you depart the squash in a single layer so air can flow into round it.

Storage Tips for Cooked Vegetables

You can safely retailer cooked greens within the fridge for 3 to seven days. You ought to place meal prep veggies and leftovers in coated containers with a little bit of airspace on the high. After this period of time, micro organism can develop extra rapidly at fridge temperatures, so take pleasure in them ahead of later.

how Long does Frozen Produce Last?

Lastly, you would possibly purchase among the longest-lasting produce objects (or different favorites) and discover that you’ve got greater than you at present want. Much of this produce may be frozen to make use of later if reduce into small items or minced and saved in freezer-safe baggage or containers. If you do freeze your individual produce or purchase it already frozen, there’s no formally USDA guideline for freshness. However, the National Center for Home Food Preservation recommends maintaining frozen produce for not than eight months to a 12 months.

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