Birch is 18 months (and Our Porchrait!)

A gaggle of photographers right here in Cville have been taking porch portraits – aka porchraits – and sharing them on this Instagram feed. I like seeing everybody’s smiling faces and a glimpse into everybody’s completely different stay-at-home setting. Payment is on a sliding scale, and 50% of it goes to the Emergency Relief Fund for Artists. Cramer Photo got here to take our porchrait final week! After seeing a number of intelligent household themes (together with our mates’ Wild West theme!), we donned our summer time best in celebration of hotter climate. I actually hope we will get to the seashore this summer time!

Birch is 18 months outdated!

As of April 29 that’s 🙂

He is a full-blown working and energetic toddler lately!


All evening (knock on wooden) with a 1.5-2.5 hour nap between 12-2


Loves: all breakfast meals (eggs, toast, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies), all fruits, all carbs, inexperienced pouches, pizza, quesadillas – all child meals

Dislikes: uncooked veggies, cooked veggies, most meats (until a chew off of our forks), something black, combined meals


Too many phrases to rely – he’s speaking up a storm! When we ask him “Do you love mommy? Do you love Mazey?” he shakes his head, smiles, and says “Noooooooooo.” Mazen is the one one who can get him to say “Essssss!”


Weight: Almost 25 lbs (60th percentile)

Height: 32.25 (45th percentile)

Teeth: four high, three backside, 2 molars half in


Books, going exterior, stroller walks, Peppa Pig, his brother, pillows, rocking chairs, hats

Time has FLOWN by

I’ve very only a few recollections of the previous 18 months! It looks like Birch has been this age the entire time. Mother’s amnesia?! I really feel like he was simply born in October 2019. In reality, I usually write his start date accidentally as 10/29/2019!

Flashback to these first few days!

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