Eight-Week Workout Plan for Push Up Strength and Power

How many push ups are you able to do? 20 or 30? 50? More? Maybe you’re one of many unfortunate souls who can solely handle 5 reps with questionable kind. Say the phrase “exercise,” and the push up inevitably will likely be regarded as the motion of alternative. For a long time and probably centuries, males have pointed to the push up as a real check of power, to not point out machismo. How a lot less complicated can it get than to only drop to the bottom and begin pumping away?


Despite all that, the push up has weaved its method out and in of the realm of health through the years. The navy and different companies have used it as an integral a part of health testing, however it has all however disappeared from the muscle-building radar. 



Whether you’re a useful health freak, a diehard, old-school guru or simply wish to embody this traditional transfer to your present program, the push up is one highly effective addition to any exercise plan. With advantages starting from optimizing native muscular endurance to growing total stamina, core power, and stability, it’s insane to not embody this train.


Since the health pendulum has swung in favor of body weight coaching, you might have the will to enhance in your push up prowess. Along with pull ups, dips, sit ups, muscle ups, and pistol squats, push ups check real-world, genuine power and stability, and are a testomony of complete physique management. Increasing reps, power, and muscular endurance ought to be a high precedence for a standalone body weight program, and an enormous a part of any power routine.


Eight Weeks of Push Up Power

Below is an eight-week program assured to extend your push up energy. Adopting a critical, regimented program will be certain that you’ll progress on this traditional, but efficient muscle-building train.


For the period of this program, reduce down on heavy presses and flys. Maxing out on the bench press and different heavy compound actions could must take a backseat for some time. Also, flys are likely to stress the shoulder joints significantly, so nix them for now.


Since power and stability of the belly space are necessary elements within the push up, be certain that to incorporate loads of work to your midsection. If you might be weak on this space, you’ll are likely to bow and bend on the waist.


For everything of this program, make sure you execute each rep with correct kind and approach. Hands barely wider than your shoulders, decrease down till your chest touches the ground after which press again up whereas sustaining a straight backbone and tight core.



Weeks 1 and a pair of

The first step is to carry out a brief pre-test. Perform as many push ups with good kind with out resting on the high or backside of the motion. Record your outcomes. This will likely be your baseline. If you have got educated your chest shoulders or triceps not too long ago, make sure you house your pre-test far sufficient away so that you’re recent sufficient to present your greatest effort.


  • To begin your program, select a excessive variety of push ups as a purpose. Start with about 4 instances your max quantity out of your pre-test. For instance, should you achieved 20 reps, your new purpose will likely be 80. Now you’ll carry out as many units because it takes to make it to 80 complete reps. You could attain 20 in your first set, 15 in your second, 12 in your third and so forth, so long as you attain the full purpose.
  • For the primary week, relaxation one minute between units. During the second week, cut back relaxation to 30 seconds. Also, work to scale back the variety of complete units it takes to succeed in your complete.
  • Do this routine no less than twice per week.
  • If you wish to add in some help coaching make sure you embody bench press, close-grip bench press, shoulder press, entrance raises and dips. But bear in mind, do not go tremendous heavy.



Weeks three and four

By now you’re performing fairly a number of reps with diminished relaxation. For the subsequent two weeks, you’ll improve frequency, complete reps, and preserve your relaxation to a minimal. You will successfully be enhancing your total muscular endurance and stamina.


  • Increase your frequency to 3 instances per week. By now, you ought to be getting used to coaching extra instances per week, so don’t fear about your power coaching classes getting in the best way of your push up program.
  • Increase your complete reps even additional to round 150% of your unique purpose. For the instance above, your new complete variety of reps ought to be 120. It could seem to be a excessive quantity, however simply do as many units because it takes to get to that new purpose.
  • Rest ought to keep at 30 seconds or much less. Your purpose ought to be to shut the hole between units so you possibly can carry out extra reps per set.
  • Stay strict with kind and approach.


Weeks 5 and 6

For the subsequent two weeks, you’ll once more improve frequency, reps and cut back relaxation time. Since you’ll almost definitely be entering into the excessive rep ranges, you can too begin utilizing a number of various hand placements and angles.


  • Increase frequency to 4 instances per week.
  • Reduce relaxation time by 15 seconds between units.
  • Increase complete reps by one other 50% of your unique quantity. For the above instance this might be 160.
  • Experiment with totally different hand placements and elbow angles; slim, extensive, elbows out, elbows by your sides, and many others.
  • This can’t be confused sufficient: preserve your kind in verify. This is not any time to hurry by reps and units for the sake of getting extra reps.


Weeks 7 and eight

The last two weeks will likely be difficult to say the least, particularly if you’re supplementing together with your common resistance coaching program. Increase frequency and complete reps as soon as once more whereas reducing relaxation. Add in a number of new and difficult methods to carry out the push as much as improve the depth.


  • Increase frequency to 5 instances per week.
  • Keep relaxation intervals to 15 seconds or much less. You might begin by resting only some seconds for the primary few units after which improve nearer to 15 seconds as you progress by later units.
  • Total reps will improve one other 50% primarily based in your unique quantity. Yes, for the instance above, your new quantity would now be 200.
  • Continue to make the most of the totally different hand placements and elbow angles.
  • Include a number of units of feet-elevated push ups and hands-elevated push ups.
  • Again, preserve your kind in verify.


Test time

Now it’s time to your post-test. Do it precisely as you carried out your pre-test. This time, it is best to see a major improve in reps and a rise on the whole power, energy, and shoulder stability.


After the eight weeks, sit again and reap the rewards of your improve in power and push up efficiency. You can both preserve your present stage, or begin this system yet again for a brand new problem.


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