Are you prepared for HUM Pairings 101?

HUM formulates nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements that may be combined and matched based on your particular magnificence and wellness considerations. However, there are a couple of HUM pairings you are able to do with out, sometimes on account of overlapping energetic elements. Our all-star director of training, Sarah Greenfield, RD, CSSD, breaks down which three these are and why. Plus: three profitable pairings that go collectively like avocado and toast.

You can skip these HUM pairings…

Uber Energy + Big Chill

“Uber Energy is specifically designed to combat stress and fatigue by providing adrenal support with its powerful blend of energizing extracts and B vitamins,” Sarah explains. “It’s a great supplement if you’re looking for all-day energy without the jitters and crash that caffeinated products can induce.”

Next, the primary ingredient in Big Chill is the herb rhodiola. “Rhodiola decreases your body’s reaction to stress so you can remain steady and focused,” says Sarah. She recommends taking it to remain calm, cool, and picked up when you really feel overwhelmed or underneath strain. Additionally, it helps keep away from the destructive impacts of stress in your pores and skin, physique, and well being.

Since Uber Energy additionally accommodates rhodiola, Sarah advises selecting one or the opposite. “Many of the studies investigate the consumption of 200 to 500 milligrams of rhodiola, in which they measure results on stress reduction,” she says. Combined, Uber Energy and Big Chill would pack 700 milligrams, and HUM advises solely taking what you really want for efficacy.

Bottle of HUM Hair Sweet Hair vegan gummies next to candle and books

Killer Nails + Hair Sweet Hair

Seeking luscious locks and lengthy nails? Then biotin needs to be your complement of alternative. HUM’s Killer Nails and vegan Hair Sweet Hair gummies each comprise the pro-grow B vitamin, and every packs sufficient to satisfy the really helpful each day worth.

Again, there’s no trigger for alarm when you’ve mixed the 2 previously. “There are no negative side effects with taking excess biotin since it’s water-soluble. Your body will just excrete any excess,” Sarah explains. Need assist selecting? It principally comes all the way down to desire (i.e., whether or not you like a down-to-business capsule kind or yummy gummies). Also, Hair Sweet Hair packs extra vitamins together with vitamin B12, folic acid, and zinc.

Bottle of HUM Moody Bird supplements next to purple flowers, sleep mask, and makeup

Moody Bird + Birth Control

Moody Bird is HUM’s ally to fight PMS signs that arrive, like clockwork, close to *that point of the month.* This complement contains botanicals whose mechanisms can enhance progesterone ranges and thus probably relieve cramps, cut back cravings and irritability, and maintain different signs of hormonal imbalance at bay. Since various types of contraception impression your hormones in several methods, we advise consulting your physician earlier than including Moody Bird to an present birth-control routine.

…BUT OPT FOR these Winning Combos

HUM Collagen Love bottle on beauty counter with makeup

Glow Sweet Glow + Collagen Love

If you’re a glow-seeking, age-defying skincare fanatic like me, go for a each day dose of Glow Sweet Glow and Collagen Love. The former is filled with hydration powerhouse hyaluronic acid plus brightening nutritional vitamins C and E, whereas the latter promotes pores and skin elasticity and fights high-quality strains and wrinkles. Looking for one more method to get your collagen repair? Then attain for my private HUM fave, Collagen Pop, and up-level your H2O to make a deliciously beautifying tonic.

HUM Gut Instinct and Flatter Me in bathroom with green leaf wallpaper

Gut Instinct + Flatter Me

You can consider Gut Instinct and Flatter Me as HUM’s co-MVP’s of abdomen well being. Gut Instinct is HUM’s authentic probiotic that promotes the expansion of fine intestine micro organism for a wholesome microbiome. Flatter Me, however, packs 18 full-spectrum digestive enzymes that assist break down macronutrients into smaller particles for optimum digestion and decreased bloating. Sarah loves this HUM pairing for normal BM’s and balanced digestion.

HUM Skin Heroes supplements next to jewelry

Daily Cleanse + Skin Heroes

Did you recognize that Daily Cleanse was one among HUM’s authentic merchandise and stays one among our hottest? It helps cleansing to expel heavy metals and enhance pores and skin readability. Banish breakouts for good by combining it with one among HUM’s latest formulations, Skin Heroes, our pre and probiotic that concurrently nurtures the intestine whereas selling clear pores and skin.


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