Here’s an inside have a look at how Precision Nutrition coaches purchasers, together with our client-centric philosophy, habit-based methodology, and full shopper curriculum. I’ll even pull again the curtain on ProfessionalCoach, this system that’s permitting well being and health professionals around the globe to teach the best way we do. 


Today’s article is basically thrilling as a result of I’m going to tug again the curtain and present you precisely (with, in some circumstances, screenshot-by-screenshot element) how Precision Nutrition coaches purchasers.

I’ll additionally reveal how we combine world-class curriculum, elite-level teaching abilities, and cutting-edge expertise to get unprecedented shopper + enterprise outcomes.

Finally, I’ll share methods that you need to use instantly, in your individual follow, to maximize shopper numbers and earnings whereas nonetheless sustaining management of your schedule and serving to folks get the perfect outcomes.

Before digging in, nonetheless, I wished to let you understand that our industry-leading teaching platform—Precision Nutrition’s ProfessionalCoach—is opening quickly.

Tested with over 100,000 purchasers, ProfessionalCoach makes it straightforward to ship research-proven diet and life-style teaching to anybody who wants it… from paying purchasers, to relations, to co-workers, to family members.

It’ll make it easier to develop your small business whereas working much less, getting higher outcomes, and residing life by yourself phrases.

Want to teach in-person? Online? Or a mixture of the 2? Whatever matches your excellent life-style, it’s all potential with ProfessionalCoach.

For extra info, try this quick video; it gives an outline of precisely how the ProfessionalCoach software program works:

See how different well being and health professionals are utilizing ProfessionalCoach with their purchasers.


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In abstract, ProfessionalCoach delivers—to your purchasers, in your behalf—a complete teaching resolution, full with day by day classes, habits, check-ins, and extra.

Plus, as their coach, you’ll assist them by answering questions, providing encouragement, and monitoring progress by particular ProfessionalCoach software program.

The excellent news? On Wednesday, December 4th, we’ll be opening ProfessionalCoach to our Precision Nutrition Certification college students and graduates around the globe.

When you enroll, you’ll be capable to use this ground-breaking software program and curriculum in your enterprise—with your purchasers—and simply, rapidly, successfully ship the habit-based teaching you realized within the PN Certification.

You see, everybody is aware of that habit-based teaching is simpler and has longer-lasting results than typical diets or meal monitoring. But not everybody is aware of methods to do it successfully. We do, and immediately…

I’d like to point out you the way we coach. And how YOU can coach this manner too.

In immediately’s article we’ll focus on how one can:

  • Dramatically enhance what number of purchasers you’ll be able to coach.
  • Assess nutrition-coaching purchasers effectively.
  • Build a habit-based curriculum for every shopper.
  • Deliver new habits, classes, and assignments.
  • Monitor consistency and adherence.
  • Track bodily, psychological, and conduct modifications.
  • Provide accountability, mentorship, and assist.
  • Set purchasers up for long-term, sustainable success.

So let’s get began.

(By the best way: This is an extended publish with loads of element. So please put aside some distraction-free time earlier than digging in. Maybe even learn it in two or three elements. You’ll be comfortable you probably did.)

Client-centered teaching: Shush your “inner expert”.

The historical past of health and well being is plagued by hard-ass authoritarian coaches.

Taking a web page out of the navy, these coaches ship a collection of no-pain, no-gain boot-camps the place purchasers are given powerful love and are taught to pay for his or her laziness and dietary transgressions with push-ups, cardio, and burpees.

This model of teaching options the coach as: Expert, Drill Sergeant, and Dictator. In this mannequin it’s their job to inform purchasers what to do.

Sure, some coaches are no less than well mannered about it. But, irrespective of how properly they command, this strategy stays coach-centered. It’s all in regards to the coach and what they know. And it’s the other of client-centered.

Of course, as an important health / well being coach, you in all probability are an skilled. You have well-informed concepts and opinions on diet, motion, stress, and sleep. But…

There’s one factor you’re not an skilled on:
Your purchasers’ lives.

Each shopper is definitely the skilled on their very own our bodies and their very own lives. They dwell of their our bodies and experiences 24/7. You don’t.

That’s a important distinction. Because…

Your purchasers have their very own skills and causes for change.

They have their very own limits, beliefs, preferences, backstories, and motivations. Some of those will likely be thus far outdoors your private expertise that you simply couldn’t presumably have “standard” recommendation for them.

But that’s okay. As a change-based, client-centered coach, all you need to do is decelerate and…

Quiet your individual “expert” voice.

Ask questions. Listen deeply to your purchasers’ tales. And construct your teaching strategy round what you hear.

In doing so, you’ll truly uncover your purchasers’ distinctive skills, causes, and motivations (which can usually be very completely different from yours). These will turn out to be your secret weapons.

Now you’ll be able to assist purchasers determine their very own particular person limiting elements. And then—extra excitingly…

You’ll be capable to assist them suggest their very own options to their very own issues.

We consider what we hear ourselves say.

So in the event you assist purchasers produce and describe their very own options, they’ll really feel empowered, and embrace the options with out you having to nag or boss them round.

This is a foolproof recipe for sustainable, long-term change.

Of course, this isn’t about coddling or being too good or acquiescing to shopper calls for.

Rather, client-centered teaching is about collaborating with purchasers and creating motion plans primarily based on what they really feel they will do, not what you suppose they need to be doing.

Let’s discover this technique somewhat extra.

Clients change by doing and experiencing.

These days, there’s loads of emphasis on setting objectives (e.g. lose 20 kilos) after which following a program (e.g. a weight loss program plan or exercise DVD set) to attain these objectives.

How’s that working?

On the objectives aspect of the equation, we’re taught to consider what we need to accomplish. Then we’re imagined to make the aim particular, measurable, attainable, and so forth.

What occurs as soon as we’ve finished all that? When we’ve set the last word aim?

For most individuals, not a lot.

That’s as a result of objectives aren’t achieved by the mere act of setting them. And objectives aren’t achieved by sheer drive of will.

On this system aspect of the equation, we’re taught to hunt out a “Do this, don’t do that” program, summon up our motivation, after which flip our lives into “achieve that goal at all costs” tasks.

We’re to turn out to be single-minded, unthinking, obedient little goal-chasing machines.

As you’ve in all probability seen…

This goal-focused strategy fails more often than not.

Particularly when competing priorities come up and we haven’t constructed the required abilities to be versatile and adaptable.

Then, since we haven’t “met our goal”, we really feel dangerous. We suppose we’ve failed. We get annoyed and ashamed.

We may even quit. Or put that aim on the again burner until subsequent January 1st, once we vow to take a crack at it once more.

Based on my expertise, success truly follows a distinct course of.

  1. First, you break down the stuff you need to do into particular abilities.
  2. Next, you develop these abilities by intentional day by day actions.

The method just about appears to be like like this:

Practice day by day to construct abilities.
Build abilities to attain objectives.

Some folks name this strategy habit-based, others name it practice-based. They’re one and the identical, and are primarily based on present analysis round talent acquisition and alter psychology.

Growth and improvement come by day by day habits and supporting experiences.

Here’s an instance of how this works:

Goal: Eat higher persistently

Let’s say you need to drop some weight. You know that to drop some weight you’ll have to eat higher persistently. So that’s your actual aim: Eat higher persistently.

But you don’t have all the abilities to do it simply but. So you need to break it down into…

Skill: Hunger and urge for food consciousness

Which abilities are required to eat higher persistently? We’ve recognized starvation / urge for food consciousness as a very powerful preliminary talent for making progress.

But that’s not fairly a concrete factor you are able to do. So you need to break it down into…

Practices: Eat slowly, and cease consuming when glad

We use two day by day habits to construct the talent of starvation and urge for food consciousness.

Habit 1: Eat slowly.
Habit 2: Eat till glad, not stuffed.

This takes a month—two weeks for purchasers to study, follow, and repeat every of the 2 habits. At the tip of a month, purchasers have two essential habits that they will now use for the remainder of their lives. They’ve realized it by doing it.

Not surprisingly, purchasers normally drop some weight throughout this time. Because, after all, they’re studying to eat a bit much less and alter their consumption in response to physique indicators.

Even higher, they’ve constructed two new habits that they will use for the remainder of their lives, it doesn’t matter what else occurs.

How to build two new habits - that they be used for the rest of their lives

Here’s how we current habits (and observe their completion).

This strategy is the proper antidote to “program-thinking” in health and well being.

Instead of a meal plan to comply with, which is a really short-term (and restricted) resolution that by no means actually addresses core issues, this strategy is progressive and helps purchasers construct transferable abilities whereas stair-stepping their option to actual change.

If you combine this model of teaching along with your purchasers:

  • They’ll accomplish objectives extra rapidly (with much less effort).
  • They’ll have a better time sustaining outcomes.
  • They’ll be capable to do it inside the context of an actual human life (with its distractions, complexities, and surprises).

Here are some sensible methods we implement this in our personal teaching program.

The habits of Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Precision Nutrition Coaching is a one-year program that makes use of a client-centered, habit-based strategy to assist purchasers lose fats, achieve power, and enhance their well being.

Here’s an overview of the habits we advocate in our ladies’s diet teaching program. (Keep in thoughts, this is only one instance; since we’re client-centered, we tailor habits to purchasers’ wants, gender, objectives, and so forth.).

Weeks Habit
1-2 Take a 5-minute motion
Three-Four Eat slowly
5-6 Stop consuming at “80% full”
7-Eight Eat lean protein with every meal
9-10 Eat no less than 5 servings of colourful fruits / greens
11-12 Make good carb selections
13-14 Eat wholesome fat
15-16 Plan PN-friendly meals
17-18 Record what you eat
19-20 Create & use a sleep ritual
21-22 Drink solely calorie-free drinks
23 Break week
24-25 Use a focused restoration technique
26-27 Eat entire meals solely
28-29 Just a little extra, somewhat higher
30-31 Protein & colourful crops at every meal
32-33 Practice 80% full
34-35 Do a 5-minute mind-body scan
36-37 Take a health info trip
38-39 20 minutes of de-stressing
40-41 Create and follow your health mission
42-43 Choose your individual journey
44-45 Prepare in your last photograph shoot
46-47 Celebrate your progress
48-50 Spread the love, pay it ahead

Some of those habits (like “Eat slowly” or “Eat healthy fats”) are extra easy. Others (like “Celebrate your progress” or “Pay it forward”) is perhaps extra open-ended.

The order of those habits, after all, isn’t an accident.

This is a rigorously deliberate, cumulative shopper improvement expertise.

We begin merely and concretely, with clear and particular early habits that assist our purchasers construct a basis. Over time, as purchasers develop abilities and independence, we give them extra freedom and alternatives to discover and develop their horizons.

Each behavior builds on the earlier ones.

Clients are capable of do habits extra successfully due to the abilities they’ve already constructed. Which makes them really feel much more profitable and empowered.

They may begin out tentative or nervous, however by the point they get to the ultimate habits, they’re rocking ‘n’ rolling.

Here’s how our diet teaching software program works.

Every day, purchasers:

  • Receive an electronic mail with what’s on deck for that day.
An example of the daily email with what's on deck for that day.

Example of the day by day emails purchasers will obtain.

  • Log in to a private residence web page for extra element.
  • Read a lesson (which helps the behavior).
Lessons and habits are presented on a client's today page.

How classes and habits are introduced on a shopper’s “today page”.

  • Mark whether or not or not they’ve learn their lesson for the day.
Keeping track of progress.

Example lesson for a shopper to learn.

  • Practice their behavior for the day.
  • Mark whether or not or not they’ve finished their behavior for the day.
Was today's habit carried out?

Example behavior / follow for purchasers to comply with.


Every week:

  • Clients measure and report their progress. This might be physique measurements or different indicators (comparable to power ranges, temper, or behavior consistency).
Every few weeks there's a progress check.

One of the progress checks that comes each few weeks.

Every 2 weeks:

  • Clients get a brand new behavior to follow.
Example of a new habit or practice.

Example of a brand new behavior / follow, which a shopper will get each two weeks.

Every month:

  • Clients add extra progress indicators comparable to pictures, physique measurements, and so forth.
Clients upload progress indicators such as photos and/or body measurements.

One of the progress checks that comes each few weeks.

How will we assist purchasers’ new habits?

Habits are supported by classes.

We ask purchasers to follow a brand new behavior for two weeks. During this time we share quick classes and assignments that assist them perceive the behavior extra deeply and implement it inside the context of their lives.

For instance, right here’s an inventory of the teachings we use with the behavior “Eat at least five servings of colorful fruits and vegetables.”

Lesson 1: How to get your colours.

Lesson 2: Just add greens.

Lesson Three: How to prep and cook dinner your greens.

Lesson Four: The waste-not sport.

Lesson 5: Greens dietary supplements and powdered veggies.

Lesson 6: Tomato travels.

Lesson 7: Who’s your farmer?

Lesson Eight: What’s for breakfast?

Lesson 9: PN Coaching film evening.

Lesson 10: Are you over-processing your health?

Are you over-processing your fitness?

Example lesson that helps the behavior “Eat at least five servings of colorful fruits and vegetables.”

Most habits provide Level 1 and Level 2 choices.

Clients could make a behavior as straightforward or as difficult as they like.

For newer purchasers, this takes away the concern of “doing it right” or “having to do too much”. Even probably the most intimidated newbie can normally discover a behavior degree that works for them.

For extra skilled purchasers, a little bit of problem or a harder sport to play retains them , challenged, and rising.

For instance:

Level 1:
If you’re new to consuming our plant pals, be at liberty to combine up veggies and colourful fruit. Keep it easy and simply get within the behavior of consuming the rainbow.

Level 2:
If you’re already a produce-eating ninja, then use this behavior to shine your plant consumption abilities. Here are some issues to strive (select one):

  • Improve your total consistency.
  • Try extra servings, particularly of colourful greens.
  • Try new greens.
  • Try a brand new means of prepping or cooking acquainted favorites.
  • Aim for extra darkish leafy greens.
  • Hit up the farmer’s market and check out one thing in season or one thing natural.

We don’t simply give our purchasers habits.
We construct their abilities.

Over the course of every program, we assist purchasers construct dozens of abilities by very particular and well-defined day by day habits.

Each behavior is set upon utilizing our “Five S Formula”.


The finest habits are small day by day actions that may be finished within the context of actual life.

If you ask your self or your shopper, “On a scale of 0-10, how confident do you feel you could do this habit every day for the next 2 weeks?” the reply needs to be a 9 or 10. Anything decrease and the behavior is simply too difficult or intimidating.


Most objectives are too large, or difficult, to strive for in a single go. Most abilities are the identical means.

So you break them down into outlined and arranged segments. Just like when studying / instructing complicated workout routines, it’s essential chunk greater issues into their element elements.


Once you will have segments, you need to follow these segments in the correct order.

If you do “thing 4” earlier than “thing 1” you’re much less more likely to succeed. So begin with factor 1, then do factor 2, then factor Three, and so forth.

Do the correct issues in the correct order and success is a dependable end result.


Being strategic means being purposeful.

Strategic habits create a set of good, deliberate choices that leverage your strengths that will help you tackle the factor that’s in your means proper now.

Focus on that one factor—and solely that factor—and a tough course of turns into simpler and quicker.


Nothing value doing might be finished alone.

Habits work finest once they’re supported by some type of instructing, teaching, mentorship, and accountability.

Habits are good.
A curriculum is even higher.

The habit-based strategy is superior. However, in the event you—or your purchasers—have ever tried a habit-based program or app by itself, you in all probability acquired caught with questions like:

  • Which habits?
  • In what order?
  • How do I truly do the habits?
  • What if this behavior is simply too arduous or straightforward for me?
  • Why can’t I do 4 habits without delay?
  • And so on.

That’s why we give attention to a habit-based curriculum.

A curriculum is a set of strategic, logical classes and actions that go in a selected order, step-by-step.

It’s a purposeful program, plan, and development primarily based on the perfect practices of shopper studying, engagement, and improvement.

A year of structured, clear sets of habits and lessons.

The PN Coaching curriculum, at a look.

While the order of the habits above might sound a bit random, every one is rigorously positioned in a selected sequence primarily based on very particular studying goals.

To try detailed curriculum guides, together with a lesson-by-lesson breakdown:

Habits and classes are cumulative and coherent.

Each behavior / lesson builds the abilities for future habits / classes.

Then, later habits and classes return to themes and concepts from earlier ones.

Everything is linked to every thing else in a logical development.

For occasion:

Week Four:
The “Notice and name” lesson covers the significance and fundamental means of self-observation and self-awareness.

Example of the “Notice and name” lesson.

this results in…

Week 14:
The “Experiment day: Snapshot” lesson, a quite simple self-tracking train that appears at a number of gadgets all through the day like power ranges, psychological state, temper.

Example of the “Experiment day: Snapshot” lesson.

which ends up in…

Week 17:
“Record your intake” behavior

Example of the “Record your intake” behavior.

and ultimately…

Week 29:
The “How to listen to your body” lesson, which helps purchasers analyze patterns in habits.

Example of the “How to listen to your body” lesson.

Week 35:
The “Your schedule doesn’t lie” lesson, which helps purchasers preserve a time diary.

Example of the “Your schedule doesn’t lie” lesson.

Week 38:
The “Time bandits, time warriors” lesson, which helps purchasers assessment time use and what it says about priorities.

Example of the “Time bandits, time warriors” lesson.

And so on.

As you’ll be able to see…

It all matches collectively. It’s progressive.

Just like some other topic, you begin originally.

When studying math, college students study what numbers are, then methods to rely them, then methods to add and subtract them, and so forth… earlier than they will begin doing calculus or algebra.

Notice additionally…

“Anchor habits” come first.

These are issues you are able to do anytime, wherever. They’re foundational behaviors.

For instance, for fats loss, the 2 anchor habits are “eat slowly” and “eat to 80% full”. These trump all different habits.

When purchasers get caught or overwhelmed with new habits, they will merely return to those “anchor habits”.

Concrete, sensible, prescriptive habits come first.

“Do X in Y way” habits cleared the path.

While purchasers can nonetheless customise all habits to their wants and dietary ranges, early habits give attention to clear, unambiguous fundamentals.

Then, we begin loosening the reins, permitting extra open-ended habits and interpretations of them.

For instance:

  • Early, concrete behavior:
    Eat 5 servings of colourful vegetables and fruit every day
  • Somewhat open-ended behavior halfway by:
    Use a focused restoration technique
  • Completely open-ended behavior close to the tip of this system:
    Pay it ahead
Example of habit progression.

Example of behavior development.

In addition, we like to combine issues up. For instance…

We combine up “hard” and “easy” habits.

Not all purchasers will battle with the identical habits. However, some habits are usually tougher than others.

We rigorously dole out “hard” and “easy” habits in order that purchasers aren’t consistently requested to do tough issues.

We additionally combine up “new stuff” and “review / consolidation” habits.

For instance:

  • Habit:
    Eat entire meals solely (a “stretch” behavior, pretty tough, requires studying new issues) is adopted by…
  • Habit:
    Just a little extra, somewhat higher (stress-free the management, scaling again expectations, permitting shopper to decide on the subsequent actions and easily enhance barely on what’s acquainted).

Clients are introduced with new habits and have alternatives to enhance on current habits.

Some habits are “stretch habits” or “experiment habits”.

(Rather than “forever” habits.)

These are introduced as “things to try” for two weeks, relatively than “you should always do these as specified, forever”.

For instance:

  • Eat largely entire meals.
  • Drink solely calorie-free drinks.

Example of a “stretch” behavior and an “experiment” behavior.

The concept right here is for purchasers to:

  • Try one thing that pushes their boundaries for two weeks.
  • Expand their abilities and repertoire whereas doing so.
  • See what they study and uncover about themselves.
  • See what they like, want, and/or need by this means of experimenting.
  • Add this info and perception to their understanding of their wants.

At the tip of the two week “play period”:

  • Clients resolve what was most fascinating, priceless, and helpful for them.
  • They resolve what items of that behavior to maintain.

Stretch habits particularly are nice alternatives for teaching and collaboration.

  • For Level 1 purchasers, stretch habits get them outdoors their consolation zone.
  • For Level 2 purchasers, stretch habits encourage them to “up their game”, enhance their execution and/or selection, and refine their abilities.

A brand new sort of private: Building your Owner’s Manual.

What’s fascinating about this habit-based strategy (supported by day by day classes and assignments) is that it’s private in a novel means.

When most coaches suppose “personal”, they give thought to telling purchasers what to do primarily based on one thing physiological.

For instance:

  • You weigh 180 kilos, so begin consuming xx grams of protein.
  • You have xx genotype, so keep away from xx meals.
  • You simply completed figuring out, so eat precisely xx.

And whereas there’s nothing fallacious with strategies primarily based on identified physiology, it’s nonetheless a coach-centered strategy.

A client-centered strategy acknowledges all this physiological info whereas additionally bearing in mind what purchasers can fairly do inside the context of their lives.

We name this course of “Building Your ‘Owner’s Manual”.

One of the “Build Your Owner’s Manual” workout routines from this system.

Throughout our teaching, we ask purchasers to trace their progress, collect knowledge, and replicate on thought workout routines. The function of that is to write down an “Owner’s Manual”—a group of knowledge and evaluation about their lives, our bodies, wants, needs, and real-life-tested experiences.

The Owner’s Manual:

  • collects details about the shopper,
  • asks the shopper to check hypotheses and gather knowledge for making choices,
  • will increase the shopper’s self-awareness and self-knowledge, and most significantly,
  • places the shopper in cost (which makes them take duty and reduces their resistance).

Each shopper creates their very own Owner’s Manual by answering a number of units of questions on-line all through the course of this system. This course of helps purchasers:

  • Take duty for themselves—their ideas, their beliefs, their tales, their environments, and most significantly, their behaviors. (No extra coach-blaming or “This diet / workout plan didn’t work for me!”)
  • Feel empowered by and invested in the concept that they now have a set of “handling instructions for their bodies”. (No extra “one-size-fits all” applications.)
  • Test hypotheses, collect knowledge, and draw conclusions, identical to scientists. (No extra blindly “just following the rules”.)
Each client creates their own Owner's Manual by answering several sets of questions online throughout the course of the program.

Example of “Owner’s Manual” questions.

This is a really completely different sort of private.

An excellent Owner’s Manual empowers purchasers to make knowledgeable choices about their very own wants, needs, and priorities (as a substitute of you telling them what to suppose or really feel or do). It’s client-centered teaching at its finest.

Of course, none of this eliminates the necessity for:

  • Guidance and assist.
  • Strategies to get by blocks and setbacks.
  • Problem fixing and aim setting.

Indeed, that’s what what teaching is definitely for.

Unfortunately, loads of coaches spend an excessive amount of time making an attempt to measure adherence, making an attempt to place collectively one-off training classes, and doing a bunch of different duties that needs to be automated.

This robs them of priceless time they might use to do what people do finest…

Build accountability, assist, and relationships.

Automated classes, habits, assignments, accountability checks, and progress checks are superior. In truth, they’re the cornerstone of our very profitable program, which produces outcomes like these:

And these:

And these:

However, each analysis and expertise present:

People do their finest once they have robust, supportive relationships with a mentor or coach.

Having a ready-made curriculum (a transparent, strategic, purpose-driven development by shopper improvement and studying) frees coaches as much as do the relationship-building, supporting, guiding, serving to, and training that purchasers deserve.

Sure, if purchasers are ridiculously motivated and relentlessly tenacious, they could be capable to determine every thing out on their very own and not using a coach or mentor.


However, most individuals want some quantity of assist. And that’s okay. It’s not an indication of weak spot or incompetence. In truth, it’s the best way most people do most issues.

The particular person hero who accomplishes large issues all by themselves is a fable.

That’s why, as a coach, it’s vital to offer the next to your purchasers:

Encouragement throughout the braveness part.

The “courage phase” is the hole between when your purchasers decide to one thing and once they have the talent to really do it.

At first, purchasers are dedicated however not succesful. That’s scary and takes braveness.

At instances like this, it’s vital to get enthusiastic assist from coaches or mentors who’ve been by the method themselves.

A identified cadence of accountability.

We all know accountability—usually checking in with somebody—is vital. The social dedication helps us follow what we began.

But accountability works finest if it occurs at common, anticipated instances. Whether by an app, in a bunch, or one-on-one, accountability ought to have a identified cadence (i.e. weekly, each different week, and so forth).

Access to a revered coach.

Most folks don’t need “a coach”. They need a chief, an skilled, somebody they belief and respect.

Most folks don’t need somebody of their face “coaching” them 24/7. They simply need the safety of figuring out for certain that somebody is there in the event that they want them.

A optimistic progress focus.

Comparing purchasers to some superhero excellent doesn’t work. It makes them really feel insufficient.

Which is why it’s vital to hunt out any and all optimistic progress. Bonus factors for celebrating that progress when it occurs.

Even if purchasers aren’t seeing bodily outcomes but, in the event that they’re exhibiting up, good issues are occurring. By figuring out and celebrating that, the bodily progress will comply with.

Proactive impediment identification.

It’s not all high-fiving and progress celebration. Sometimes actual challenges come up. People want methods to maneuver previous these inevitable obstacles.

What’s higher than fixing the issue? Avoiding that drawback within the first place.

Experienced coaches can provide purchasers a heads-up about what they’re more likely to come up towards. That means purchasers know what issues to look out for, and so they’re much less more likely to get derailed.

Help when caught.

Even with the perfect day by day habits, ongoing progress monitoring, accountability, and proactive impediment identification, generally purchasers get caught.

That’s when an skilled information will help. Someone who’s “been there, done that” and is aware of methods to navigate.

In our teaching applications, that is the place our coaches actually shine. They’re obtainable to offer cautious, affected person, empathic teaching to purchasers as they undergo the total journey.

But right here’s the factor… that is solely potential as a result of we’ve automated a lot.

The habits, classes, assignments, consistency trackers, and progress reviews are delivered reliably in a means that may scale. So coaches aren’t losing time doing “admin” work.

Now they’re free to do what solely a caring, empathic human coach can do: join.

An example of how our coaches connect with their clients.

Here’s one of many methods our coaches join with their purchasers.

As a particular bonus: Coaches can tackle extra purchasers this manner, serving to extra folks than they ever thought potential.

You see, once I began doing on-line diet teaching, I quickly realized that I might solely deal with 25-50 purchasers at a time whereas preserving high quality management. Most of my time was wasted on admin duties.

However, with automation, Precision Nutrition now coaches about 5,000 superb purchasers per yr with 20 full-time Precision Nutrition supercoaches (and an superior group of part-time interns and mentors). That’s a median of about 250 purchasers per coach.

It’s the perfect of each worlds: 10 instances the purchasers with even higher outcomes due to our confirmed, progressive, and change-promoting curriculum.

Client list within the ProCoach dashboard.

Client checklist inside the ProfessionalCoach dashboard.

Tracking, suggestions, and oversight for coaches.

So far I’ve talked rather a lot in regards to the shopper aspect of issues. Let’s have a look at the coach expertise.

How do our coaches onboard, monitor, and supply suggestions to purchasers?

Over the final 15 years, we’ve spent tens of millions of constructing our teaching software program and curriculum—Precision Nutrition’s ProfessionalCoach—with the assistance of world-class researchers and dozens of full-time ninja programmers.

ProfessionalCoach is designed to:

  • Triage and assess new purchasers rapidly and effectively.
  • Deliver habits, classes, and assignments from our curriculum.
  • Monitor consistency and behavior adherence each single day.
  • Track bodily, psychological, and conduct modifications each week.
  • Set purchasers up for long-term, sustainable success.
  • Help you entice new prospects and purchasers with pictures, knowledge, testimonials, and straight-up, irrefutable, hard-data proof of success.
Screenshot of the ProCoach dashboard.

The residence web page of the ProfessionalCoach™ dashboard.

We begin by attending to know our purchasers.

When purchasers enroll, we ask them plenty of questions on themselves. We need to know as a lot as potential so we will finest assist them.

  • What do their lives appear to be?
  • Who are they as folks?
  • What are their objectives?
  • What are their largest challenges?
  • How a lot do they learn about diet proper now?
  • How a lot of that may they really do?
  • Do they’ve any accidents or different limitations?
  • Etc.
When clients enroll, we ask them lots of questions about themselves. We want to know as much as possible so we can best help them.

Client consumption questionnaire.

Then we observe our purchasers.

Not solely do coaches get the arrogance of figuring out their purchasers are nicely taken care of, they will additionally see their progress by a particular dashboard that enables them to trace their whole shopper checklist at a look.

See their progress through a special dashboard that allows them to track their entire client list at a glance.

Client checklist inside the ProfessionalCoach dashboard.

The shopper checklist offers coaches overview stats on every shopper, together with:

  • the place they’re in this system,
  • how constant they’ve been, and
  • how their physique has modified.

But that’s only the start.

We continue to learn about our purchasers as people.

Coaches also can drill down to every particular person’s shopper particulars by clicking on their identify.

Coaches can also drill down to each person's client details by clicking on their name.

Client particulars web page inside the ProfessionalCoach dashboard.

There, coaches see pictures, vital particulars about purchasers (from their consumption questionnaire), and the way they’re doing in this system. Coaches additionally get entry to just about every thing they’ve finished (or not finished) in this system so far.

We control how purchasers are doing.

Once a coach’s shopper checklist will get longer, they preserve shut tabs on their communications with every particular person with this real-time feed of messages and updates.

A coach can keep close tabs on their communications with each individual with this real-time feed of messages and updates

Real-time feed of messages and updates.

Each shopper’s “Progress” part information whether or not the shopper did their behavior and accomplished their lesson for the day.

Lesson and habit adherence are tracked on the client's

Lesson and behavior adherence are tracked on the shopper’s “my progress” web page.

Responses to their assignments and classes are additionally recorded within the “Archive” part.

Responses to their assignments and lessons are also recorded in the Archive section.

Lesson and behavior archive.

Of course, coaches get entry to those adherence and consistency knowledge by the Client List and Client Details areas of the ProfessionalCoach dashboard, as nicely.

We assist purchasers assess themselves.

Along with the lesson and behavior completion info, the system collects such different assessments as:

Progress updates.

Every few weeks purchasers are requested to report physique weight, girths, pictures, and different progress indicators. Also included are questions on whether or not they felt like their behaviors for the final week or so matched up with their objectives.

Example of a behavior based question.

Example of a conduct primarily based query.


Every few months, purchasers are requested to fill out a fast survey. One is a psychological evaluation evaluating their mindset and resiliency. Another asks vital questions on how they really feel about their progress thus far. Another asks them to charge this system.

Every few months, clients are asked to fill out a quick survey.

Example shopper surveys.

Coaches can simply entry all of this inside the ProfessionalCoach dashboard space.

We keep in contact.

Finally, there’s a built-in messaging system inside the ProfessionalCoach software program.

Through this method, purchasers can attain out to coaches and vice-versa. It’s like electronic mail but it surely’s all contained inside the ProfessionalCoach software program.

Imagine having your entire shopper’s particulars proper there in entrance of you as you emailed them: their physique stats, progress, newest messages and lesson responses, pictures… every thing.

Each time a coach is messaging with a shopper, all of that shopper’s knowledge will likely be up on the display on the identical time. Coaches don’t should depend on reminiscence.

Everything coaches have to know is all proper there for them, actually at their fingertips.

Everything coaches need to know is all right there for them, literally at their fingertips.

Messaging system inside the shopper element web page.

In addition to the messaging system, there’s a built-in suggestions system. So, when a coach evaluations a shopper’s progress updates or assignments, they will ship suggestions or encouragement that’ll be delivered to them by way of their teaching homepage.

The built-in feedback system.

Coach suggestions on a lesson within the “today page”.

15 years in the past we got down to construct a diet teaching platform and curriculum to ship client-centered, habit-based teaching in a means that’s superior for each purchasers and coaches.

Today, we now have environment friendly monitoring, seamless oversight, and straightforward sharing of suggestions.

By automating as a lot as potential, coaches can work with extra purchasers, ship higher outcomes, and spend much less time on recordkeeping.

Help extra purchasers with our software program’s reliability, scaleability, and automation.

So far I’ve talked rather a lot about automating sure duties in order that they’re finished reliably and in a means that scales.

But what does that basically imply?


You’re capable of ship the identical high-quality teaching expertise to each shopper no matter what else is occurring… in your life or your purchasers’.

This is difficult to do when your teaching is one-off or when you will have a couple of worker.


You’re capable of coach 5 purchasers, 50 purchasers, or 500 purchasers.

(And going from 5 purchasers to 500 requires little or no further effort.)

We’ve used ProfessionalCoach to assist over 100,000 purchasers over the previous 15 years. So I believe it’s protected to say that scalability is well-proven.


You’ll be capable to ship diet habits, classes, and assignments on time and on observe, it doesn’t matter what else you’re doing.

Whether we’re sleeping, busy, out of city, in mattress with the flu, caught in site visitors or on a aircraft someplace above the Pacific ocean… it doesn’t matter.

Our system will maintain your purchasers regardless, and ensure they get what they want.

Daily, weekly, and month-to-month check-ins are fully automated too.

In the tip, I believe Precision Nutrition Coaching is so distinctive as a result of it does what nothing else on the market can do:

It makes use of high-powered expertise (ProfessionalCoach) to robotically ship a progressive and punctiliously curated curriculum (constructed proper into ProfessionalCoach) that’s supported by dwell coaches.

Want assist doing this your self?

With this text, I attempted to interrupt down every element of Precision Nutrition Coaching to offer you an inside have a look at precisely how we use all three parts:

  • software program,
  • curriculum, and
  • teaching.

Hopefully you now have a greater understanding of how we coach in addition to how you need to use a few of these parts in your individual teaching.

If you’d like some assist with this, we will help.

As I discussed, Precision Nutrition’s ProfessionalCoach software program has been particularly designed that will help you use client-centered, habit-based teaching in your individual enterprise.

ProfessionalCoach will assist your small business.

  • Add habit-based diet teaching to your current providers, simply.
  • Add a very new, and extremely worthwhile, income stream, instantly.
  • Market and promote your providers to purchasers and prospects, successfully.
  • Take on extra purchasers, whereas providing high-quality teaching and a spotlight.

ProfessionalCoach will assist your purchasers.

  • Assess new purchasers rapidly and effectively.
  • Deliver habits, classes, and assignments from our confirmed curriculum.
  • Review each shopper’s consistency and behavior adherence at any time.
  • Track each shopper’s bodily, psychological, and conduct modifications each week.
  • Set purchasers up for long-term, sustainable success.
  • Attract new purchasers with pictures, knowledge, testimonials, and straight-up, irrefutable, hard-data proof of success.

Ready to turn out to be a assured diet coach, assist extra folks, and develop your small business?

Precision Nutrition’s ProfessionalCoach lets you ship the sustainable, research-proven diet and life-style teaching mentioned on this article… on the contact of a button. In one easy, easy-to-use platform, you get the industry’s main diet and life-style teaching curriculum—full with day by day classes, habits, progress updates, and extra—able to be delivered to your purchasers, with you showcased because the coach.

Developed over 15 years and confirmed with over 100,000 purchasers, ProfessionalCoach is constructed on Precision Nutrition’s frequently evolving curriculum—which is predicated on the newest scientific analysis, practice-based change strategies, our personal purchasers’ transformative outcomes, and suggestions from over 12,000 ProfessionalCoaches so far.

ProfessionalCoach offers you every thing it’s essential roll out best-in-class diet teaching, effortlessly. Allowing you to show what you realized within the Precision Nutrition Certification right into a thriving teaching follow, get higher outcomes with each single shopper you’re employed with, and add a extremely worthwhile, scalable earnings stream to your small business instantly.

Interested? Add your identify to the presale checklist. You’ll save 30% and safe your spot 24 hours earlier than everybody else.

On Wednesday, December 4th, 2019, ProfessionalCoach turns into obtainable to all Precision Nutrition Certification college students and graduates.

If you’re and need to discover out extra, we’ve arrange the next presale checklist, which supplies you two benefits:

  • You’ll pay lower than everybody else. At Precision Nutrition, we wish to reward probably the most and motivated professionals, as a result of they all the time make the perfect college students and purchasers. Join the presale checklist and we’ll offer you 30% off the month-to-month value of Precision Nutrition’s ProfessionalCoach.
  • You’re extra more likely to get a spot. Remember, final time we bought out inside minutes. But by becoming a member of the presale checklist you’ll get the chance t
  • You’re extra more likely to get a spot. Remember, final time we bought out inside minutes. But by becoming a member of the presale checklist you’ll get the chance to register 24 hours earlier than everybody else, growing your probabilities of getting in.

If you’re able to turn out to be a assured diet coach, assist extra folks dwell their healthiest lives, and develop your small business… ProfessionalCoach is your likelihood.


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