We abuse our toes. Every single day. Whether we’re Olympic weightlifters or we’re simply regular folks attempting to log 10,000 steps a day, if our toes aren’t functioning successfully, our lives—or our sports activities performances—will endure.


Yet apart from ankle flexibility, which we typically dive into through stretching and calf raises, we don’t typically pay a lot consideration to foot well being.



What, you imply a month-to-month pedicure isn’t sufficient?


Two areas we frequently neglect about: The huge toe and proprioception.


The Big Toe

The huge toe performs a major function in our day-to-day lives. It’s essential for environment friendly arching of the foot, for absorbing shock and for ahead motion. So, when you lose flexibility in your huge toe, you primarily diminish your probabilities of having a steady gait. In truth, 80 to 90 p.c of the management in your foot comes out of your huge toe.


How a lot flexibility is sufficient?


Generally, you need to be capable to obtain 60-65 levels of energetic huge toe extension, which means you may obtain this just by shifting your toe. And if you stretch it with the assistance of your different hand or a wall. you need to be capable to pull your toe again to a 90-degree angle.


You should be able to bend your big toe 90 degrees.


If you may’t do that, it may be value integrating some huge toe mobility work into your day.


Big Toe Exercise 1: Curls

Sit in a chair along with your toes flat on the bottom, your again straight, and your knees at a 90-degree angle. Then slowly curl your toes below your toes as a lot as you may, so the ball of your foot raises off the bottom. Hold for 5-10 seconds after which slowly return to the flat-footed place. Do this 10 instances per foot.


Curl your toes under to give them the attention they need.



Big Toe Exercise 2: Wall Stretch

Near a wall, hold your foot flat on the bottom however your toe on the wall as a lot as your can till you are feeling a stretch. Then lean in along with your physique and lift your really feel off the ground. Hold for five seconds after which slowly resume your beginning place. Do this 10 instances per foot.


The toe wall stretch.


Big Toe Exercise three: Lifting

Sitting along with your toes flat on the bottom, carry your huge toe as a lot as doable whereas conserving the opposite toes and your foot on the bottom. Then swap and hold the massive toe down whereas lifting the opposite toes. Alternate backwards and forwards 10 instances per foot.


Lift and lower your big toe to give it the exercise it needs.


Can you lift your small toes without lifting your big toe?


The Role of Proprioception

Proprioception is the suggestions loop between your nervous system and your mind—it lets your mind know what place you’re in and what forces are performing upon your physique. It’s the rationale we all know our arm is out in entrance of us even when our eyes are closed, for instance.


In brief, all coordinated motion requires proprioception. When it’s affected, then easy duties like strolling or standing on one leg can really feel extremely difficult.


If you’ve suffered an ankle harm, your proprioception is normally hindered. This exhibits up in the best way your injured muscle and joint capabilities and normally harms your stability and steadiness.


If that is you, beneath are 3 ways to enhance your proprioception and in the end your steadiness.


Proprioception Exercise 1: Barefoot Walk or Run In the Sand

This helps activate all of the small muscle groups in your toes.


Proprioception Exercise 2: Balance On One Leg

If that is simple, strive it along with your eyes closed. Spend one to 2 minutes per leg balancing on one foot in your warm-up.


Proprioception Exercise three: Line Hops

Hop backwards and forwards over a line throughout your warm-up for. Keep going for one minute. Rest a minute after which repeat. If this feels simple, strive the identical in on one leg. Keep your hops tight and constant.


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