Good Mornings Are an Excellent Auxiliary Movement

Strict good mornings with the toes positioned vast, the knees locked and the again held straight is a superb motion that solves various issues for starting lifters. They additionally present supplemental strengthening for veteran lifters.


The lifter ought to take the barbell on the shoulders behind the neck, and step away from the racks, and assume a stance with a minimum of 90 levels between the thighs. The knees ought to be locked, and the top ought to look ahead all through the motion. The athlete ought to then bend ahead from the hip, maintaining the again straight till the torso is parallel or close to parallel to the ground earlier than returning to an erect stance.



This motion is superb for athletes with tight hamstrings that pressure the buttocks to tuck below on the backside of the squat. It may also be useful for these with vary of movement issues on the ankles. Furthermore, it is a superb developer of hamstring energy for the aim of pulling and straightening the hips. Reps ought to be carried out within the 5-Eight vary per set and for 4 or extra units on the finish of the coaching session. The first time they’re utilized, there ought to be appreciable hamstring soreness.

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