He was an athlete in the perfect form of his life. Then Covid-19 practically killed him

A 40-year-old man collaborating in athletic competitions shared a “before and after” picture displaying the surprising impact of the coronavirus on his physique.

Ahmad Ayyad, who lives in Washington, D.C., felt the primary flu-like signs on March 11. Only a couple of days later, after affirmation of the presence of coronavirus in his physique, he was positioned in John Hopkins Hospital.

He then grew to become the primary Covid-19 affected person on the facility to be linked to a respiratory machine. Over the subsequent 25 days, Ahmad was sedated and in a relatively delirious state, shedding greater than 50 kilos.

According to the hospital, the athlete weighed 220lbs when he was first admitted, and nearly a month later he wakened from a synthetic coma and found that he weighed solely 152 lbs.

Image credit score : Instagram @ahmadbird

“The day I woke up in the intensive care unit of the hospital, I weighed 152 lbs. My legs and arms were weak, and my chest muscles were gone. I couldn’t believe how hard it was for me to even stand up.”

Before falling ailing, he performed basketball a number of occasions per week, he did weightlifting, and competed frequently in impediment races, together with climbing partitions and carrying heavy objects. But now he needed to be taught to stroll and speak once more.

The virus additionally attacked his inner organs – when Ahmad was launched from hospital on April 22, he nonetheless had a blood clot within the vein of his left arm, and his coronary heart and lungs had been broken.

Although Ahmad has since resumed work on his muscular tissues, which he misplaced throughout his hospital keep, his expertise has left an enduring mark on him and the medical doctors who handled him.

Image credit score : Instagram @ahmadbird

“He’s a real athlete and he’s young, so my first thought was, ‘If it could happen to him, it would be so painful, then it could happen to anyone.’ It really opened my eyes, ” mentioned Natalie West, a pulmonary specialist on the Johns Hopkins Hospital, who was treating the athlete.

“People are behaving as if the virus has disappeared. Wear a mask, do not group in large groups. Take care of yourself and the people around you. Take this seriously because it’s not a joke. “The virus can kill you even if you think you are healthy and immune to it.”

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