Poor motion high quality is a pandemic amongst athletes, and while a lot of them are capable of determine their very own weaknesses and imbalances, I’m at all times shocked by athletes’ reluctance to handle and treatment them. It appears to be a lot more durable for them to be humble and regress to mastering the fundamentals than it’s to carry heavy shit and muscle their method by way of a exercise.

For the very best ends in your higher physique work, you might want to basically right your motion. (Photo: Pixabay)

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Mobility, stability, and motor management play a important function in an athlete’s capacity to carry out and keep damage free. Mobility is the diploma of uninhibited vary of movement round a joint, and stability is the resistance provided by muscle groups, ligaments, and tendons surrounding that joint to guard it towards damage. Motor management refers back to the physique’s functionality to take sensory enter from the setting and execute the correct muscle co-ordination in response. Mobility, stability, and motor management are all inter-related within the human physique, with most motion high quality points arising from issues inside this trifecta.

Fixing Poor Movement within the Upper Body

In this text we’re going to take a look at the best way to enhance motion high quality within the higher physique with mobility, stability, and motor management centered workouts. Sports-specific wants apart, the majority of my preliminary programming for my shoppers’ higher physique work focuses on the posterior chain, and there is no change right here. I imagine in lengthening the entrance and strengthening the again of the physique first.

Perform the workouts under to be sure to’re hitting the suitable muscle groups on the proper occasions to enhance your efficiency and scale back your damage danger when coaching your higher physique. These workouts will enhance your general mobility, stability, and motor management and ensure your trifecta stays strong.


Mobility + Stability + Motor Control = Correct Fundamental Movement Patterns

Let’s check out mobility first.


Limited vary of movement compromises essentially the most primary of motion patterns, as tightness impacts the power to have interaction the suitable muscle groups in the suitable sequential order. This inevitably results in imbalance and damage as compensation by extra dominant muscle groups happens. If your higher again is motion restricted, your decrease again will compensate for it, resulting in instability, ache, and damage.

Upper Body Mobility Issues

In the higher physique, frequent mobility points embody tight pectorals, inside rotators, stiffness within the serratus anterior, and blocking of the thoracic backbone. These points make it very tough to maintain a proud chest and energetic again in actions corresponding to Olympic weightlifting. It can be onerous to attract the shoulder blades collectively throughout pulling actions corresponding to pull ups.

Upper Body Mobility Solutions

Let’s check out some workouts you’ll be able to implement into your program to alleviate higher physique mobility points.

1. Mobilize the Thoracic Spine with a Foam Roller

One of the best methods to mobilize the thoracic backbone is to make use of a foam curler. Stiffness or blocking within the thoracic backbone impacts respiration and posture and reduces the vary of shoulder motion, significantly when lifting overhead because it modifications the place of the shoulder blade on the rib cage.

  • Roll from the higher trapezius all the best way right down to the underside rib.
  • Perform with a impartial backbone, then in extension.
  • Avoid the neck or cervical backbone space on the high.

For additional launch, you can even use this methodology with two tennis balls taped collectively in a determine of eight to isolate and mobilize every vertebral joint.

2. Mobilize the Serratus Anterior with a Foam Roller

The serratus anterior is liable for holding the scapula to the rib cage. A good serratus anterior is extra frequent than you assume, and performs a significant function in pulling the shoulder ahead. You may also use a foam curler to mobilize this space.

  • Start at your backside rib and roll throughout the muscle fibers from again to entrance.
  • Repeat for every rib.

You can foam roll pre or publish exercise, on restoration days, and earlier than mattress. I discover that spending 10-15 minutes concentrating on particular areas earlier than a dynamic heat as much as be essentially the most helpful. To obtain the very best mobility beneficial properties, Andy Ginn suggests releasing the serratus anterior earlier than concentrating on the pecs and inside rotators with dynamic heat up mobility sequences just like the one I’ve given under.

three. Open the Chest and Shoulders with a Dynamic Warm Up

For a common opening of the chest and shoulders, I favour utilizing a resistance band within the easy mobility sequence I’ve given on this video.

Perform 10 reps of every train proven right here. These variations of the shoulder dislocate are impressed by my expertise with The Real Movement Project. They open the chest and the entrance of the shoulders first, earlier than engaged on retraction and drawing the shoulder blades in direction of the backbone.

I like to recommend finishing this sequence after foam rolling earlier than all exercises involving the higher physique.

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