Recently I used to be speaking with a brand new consumer about intuitive consuming, once they stated “This sounds great, but what will happen to my weight?” 

If that is considered one of your obstacles to studying extra about intuitive consuming or therapeutic your relationship with meals, you aren’t alone. Having these fears about change in weight or weight acquire, when letting go of strict guidelines round meals and your weight-reduction plan, is completely regular. This is among the commonest conversations that I’ve with shoppers – whether or not they’re new to intuitive consuming, or not. So as we speak I’m digging into the concern round weight acquire, sharing some tricks to unpack extra about the place that concern comes from, and learn how to navigate this wrestle whereas persevering with your journey to discovering extra peace with meals and your physique. 

“I’m still not sure I’d be okay with gaining weight. Can I still start working on intuitive eating even if I feel that way?” 

Yes! This need to drop some weight is regular, provided that we dwell in a really weight-centric and fatphobic tradition. For most of us, it’s not life like to get up in the future and love every little thing about your physique or anticipate to ‘snap out of’ beliefs and emotions you’ve got about weight. BUT that stated, it’s potential over time

When you ask what you may anticipate to occur to your weight whenever you cease weight-reduction plan, the reply is: I don’t know. And you don’t know.

We can’t assure the place your physique will fall when now not weight-reduction plan or weight biking. The unknown may be scary, so it’s okay for that to really feel uncomfortable. The concept of not being in command of your weight may be horrifying, particularly as a result of the messages weight-reduction plan tradition has been promoting you for years is that you simply *can* and must be controlling your weight…and in the event you’re not, then “you must not be trying hard enough or doing the right plan”. (Ahem, weight-reduction plan tradition)

This places all of the stress on you to make it appear to be being a sure weight is your ethical obligation as a human, and that failing to take action is a private failure, reasonably than a failure of the weight-reduction plan itself.

Evelyn Tribole, Registered Dietitian and co-author of Intuitive Eating put it effectively when she stated: “The weight loss industry is the only industry where a customer buys a product that doesn’t work and the manufacturer blames the customer.”

Aka: It’s not you, it’s the weight-reduction plan!


Where does the concern of weight acquire or change in weight come from?

Let’s begin unpacking. Think about your historical past with diets and weight-reduction plan. Have you been capable of ‘control’ your weight? The statistics present us in any other case. normally, weight-reduction plan is simpler at persevering with weight biking – that’s dropping then regaining weight – as an alternative of the marketed “sustained weight loss”.

If you’ve got misplaced weight or felt in management by weight-reduction plan, what was the price of doing so? How was your social or household life affected? Did you’re feeling restricted or uncontrolled round sure meals? Did you discover consuming to be one thing that induced guilt, stress or nervousness?

While diets paint the image of straightforward, long run change in weight, most individuals I work with have skilled the precise reverse. What diets actually promote you isn’t the end result, it’s the phantasm of that management. This contributes to an advanced relationship together with your weight, your physique, and meals normally. 

The concern of weight acquire first comes from the concept that every particular person has the power to manage and manipulate their weight to a sure particular quantity or vary. And additional, that it’s an individual’s accountability to take action; and never doing or selecting to not is a private failure. In actuality: that is weight-reduction plan tradition’s failure, not yours.

The different place that this concern comes from is a few possible deeply rooted fatphobia (TW: this article incorporates numbers and point out of disordered consuming behaviors).

You’ve been introduced up in a society that values thinness and treats individuals in another way for his or her physique measurement, and you will have some private experiences or trauma that helps these beliefs as effectively. This isn’t uncomplicated, however on the finish of the day, all individuals and our bodies are deserving of respect. This is what the Health at Every Size® motion is grounded in as effectively. 

Tlisted below are many layers to our relationship with meals, physique and our weight. Beginning to look into these relationships and beginning to query the place these beliefs stem from, and in the event that they’re those you need to preserve, is usually a massive step in navigating your relationship together with your physique.

You would possibly even notice that even in exploring a non-diet method, the messages you’re receiving are coming from principally skinny, white, able-bodied, younger ladies. Diversifying your feeds and seeing individuals with all completely different our bodies being assured, profitable and joyful helps to problem and produce consciousness to those assumptions and biases. We are all studying and unlearning!

Some inquiries to ask your self:

  • Where did my concern of weight acquire come from?
  • Why do I worth thinness?
  • What is my opinion on these in bigger our bodies?
  • Why do I believe I’m unlovable if my pant measurement will increase?
  • How are these opinions and beliefs impacting me? Are they in-line with my values?
  • What proof do I’ve for or in opposition to these beliefs?

“Ok, but how can I navigate all of these things while still healing my relationship with food and my body?” 

You’re doing it! Reading this weblog submit, exploring these assumptions and the place your values and beliefs have come from, and sitting with them is a part of the method. If you’re at first of your journey, it could be useful to place the need for weight reduction on a again or aspect burner. By not having it front-and-center as your metric for progress or success, you may deal with different methods to measure progress. 

To have concern and nervousness round weight is regular and is one thing that you simply, your therapist and/or dietitian can proceed navigating. Dieting and weight reduction targeted language retains us consistently planning for the long run, what you ‘would do’ or be deserving of when you drop some weight.

This can maintain you again from having fun with, respecting and taking good care of your physique within the current. When weight reduction is on the again burner, you may take into consideration what you may admire your physique for as we speak. How are you able to make your self really feel extra comfy and assured as we speak? What’s a aim or one thing enjoyable you need to do short-term that doesn’t require altering your physique? 

It can even assist to ask your self, what’s beneath that need for weight reduction? For most individuals, the aim of being in a smaller physique is absolutely the need be beloved, revered, valued, seen as worthy, as profitable, and so forth.  Diet tradition could let you know that these issues are conditional on measurement, however they aren’t.

While the concern of weight acquire is regular, it doesn’t should be your actuality perpetually.


Want to study extra about navigating the concern of weight acquire and physique picture? I’m now accepting new shoppers – click on right here to schedule your complimentary discovery name as we speak. 


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