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Inside David Boreanaz’s Intense Full-Body Workouts For ‘SEAL Team’

David Boreanaz knew that when he signed on to guide the CBS army drama SEAL Team, he was additionally signing as much as spend some critical time within the health club. The present follows Bravo Team, an elite sub-unit of SEAL Team Six, as they practice for and execute harmful missions all around the world. That’s not the form of group you get to guide by skipping exercises.

“The kind of person that becomes a Tier 1 operator has tremendous drive,” Boreanaz advised Men’s Journal.

He has portrayed staff commander Jason Hayes for 3 seasons. On the floor degree, the character is a extremely embellished army stud, however the actual story is rather more sophisticated. He additionally wrestles with the emotional and bodily toll from his service—this season greater than ever earlier than.

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The largest asset Boreanaz has is the collection artistic staff, which is stacked with former particular forces members. They supply a wealth of perception on the psychological and bodily features of the job, from getting by BUD/S, to deployments, to dealing with the aftermath.

“I can’t explain how crucial they have been to the character,” Boreanaz stated. “During these operations they can’t go below 100 percent, they are always going and burning. I get so much out of being around those guys, and it pushes me to work harder.”

One one that can attest to that’s Boreanaz’s coach Roy Paras, founding father of EPX Training, who has spent the previous yr preserving the actor dialed in and match for obligation.

“These Navy SEAL guys are all true badasses, and there are no shortcuts to looking like a badass,” stated Paras. “You have to train that way.”

So he designed a program to maintain Boreanaz wholesome and shred him up, too.

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'SEAL Team'Courtesy of CBS

Boreanaz reviews to Paras six days every week. Since the present movies so many days out of the yr, there’s a trailer on set full of health club gear the place the entire forged of SEAL Team can get their pump on. On days once they aren’t filming, Boreanaz drives to EPX, however regardless of the place they go, this system stays the identical.

Their exercises are full and multitiered, kicking off with slightly cardio to get the center pumping and the limbs warmed up. Before they train additional, Paras places Boreanaz by gentle tissue work on the desk, to determine any potential drawback areas.

“Doing that kind of prep work is just as important as any other part of the session,” Paras stated. “This is all about the long game, and whether you are out in the field or on the lot. You can’t do your job if you are injured.”

Boreanaz is not any stranger to damage. He suffered a couple of over the course of earlier seasons, and even went by platelet-rich plasma remedy—injections that stimulate the physique’s pure therapeutic capabilities—to bounce again after a considerable knee trauma. The present’s intense motion scenes additionally positioned a big toll on his decrease again, legs, and joints. He admits to being much less disciplined in his previous coaching, however now with Paras they’ve discovered a option to push it arduous with out these long-lasting penalties.

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'SEAL Team'Courtesy of CBS

That’s good, as a result of the remainder of the SEAL Team forged are youthful guys who all prefer to get after it. Boreanaz not solely performs their staff commander, however he additionally serves as an government producer and director on the present. For him, it’s not nearly maintaining, it’s about main. For instance, he directed an episode that includes the group hustling up a hill whereas loaded down with packs.

“The scene started off with a rope exit out of the chopper and then we did an ascent up the side of this hill,” stated Boreanaz. “I could probably have cut a few minutes in, but I didn’t want to. I just kept us going, harder and harder up the hill, with rocks falling all around us. By the time we were done, we were sucking wind. The guys didn’t love it, but it looked awesome.”

This season the forged traveled to Serbia, the place they might be noticed leaping out of vehicles and chasing unhealthy guys down alleyways with their full kits on.

“I really enjoy getting into the elements like that,” stated Boreanaz. “Getting to run around Belgrade in a physical space rather than on a soundstage. Everything that we do is to serve the story of these guys better. That is why we put in the work.”

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'SEAL Team,' starring David Boreanaz; workoutsCourtesy of CBS

A Day in SEAL Team Training

Boreanaz stands at 6’1” with large shoulders, and he bulks up shortly. During his analysis, he seen that quite a lot of SEAL operators had been wiry with nice flexibility and athletic builds.

“On occasion they have to smash down doors,” says Boreanaz. “But there are also a lot of controlled movements, sitting low and crawling for their covert missions. All with their packs on.”

So Paras designed a excessive rep depend program that might preserve him lean and imply.


Bike or Treadmill: 5 minutes
Soft Tissue/Table Prep Work: 10–15 minutes


Band Hip/Glute Activation: four minutes
Band Shoulder Activation/Mobility: four minutes
Dynamic Warm Up (ham/hip/groin openers): four minutes


Circuit A

Complete 2 rounds of this circuit with no relaxation in between.

Lateral Side Coil/Crunches on Back Extension (full ROM): 12 reps
Back Extension (arms pull again into scapular retraction at high): 12 reps
Jump Rope: 1 minute

Circuit B

Complete four rounds of this circuit with a brief relaxation in between.

HexBar Deadlift (enhance weight with each set): 5 reps
Short Box Hop (full extension, float to the highest, land gentle, step off): 5 reps
Ipsilateral Walking Lunges (lunge 5 steps with left leg, holding weight on left facet, then change sides): 5 reps
Bike Sprint: 10 sec
Rhythm Run Recovery: 50 sec

Circuit C

Complete three rounds of this circuit, shifting weight shortly with a brief relaxation in between.

Mix Grip Bench: 15 reps
Pushup: 15 reps
Inverted Row: 15 reps

Circuit D

Complete three rounds of this circuit with a brief relaxation in between.

Staggered Stance Single Arm Overhead Press: 12 reps
Pullup (maintain at high w/ knees to chest 20 seconds): 12 reps
Tri Ext/Curl/Shoulder Raise Complex Circuit: 12 reps

Boxing Finisher

Flurry Finishers on Heavy Bag (punches and energy hooks): 30 seconds

Get extra information on Roy Paras at EXP Training.

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