My Labyrinthian Journey Toward Managing My Vaginal Health

Having a vagina is tense. Being a girl primarily confirms that your rest room cupboard is completely overflowing with vaginal antifungal lotions, and that greater than when you’ve thrown a pair of bloody underwear into the rubbish of a public restroom. However, when every little thing down there may be working easily and your pH stability is in test, the vagina is usually a magical portal to sexual and self discovery.

A Brief History

My journey towards vaginal enlightenment started in my mid-20s. My-then boyfriend famous that my vagina smelled “weird.” I used to be like, “Ugh, you are the personification of toxic masculinity! As an empowered feminist influencer, I will not stand for this!” And then a number of weeks later I went to the gyno for a checkup and discovered I had bacterial vaginosis (BV), and was like… Oh, sh*t.

At the time I didn’t totally know what bacterial vaginosis was. If you’re at nighttime, BV is a bacterial an infection that happens when the totally different sorts of wholesome micro organism in your vagina get out of stability. Basically, it’s a tragic scenario that ends in your discharge smelling like a fish explosion, typically paired with itching, burning, and ache throughout intercourse. One in three girls will get it of their lifetime, although most don’t have signs. It’s not an STD, and even virgins get it. However, having intercourse with a brand new accomplice, or a number of companions, can improve your threat of getting it, that means it’s a situation that disproportionately impacts sluts—aka me—which I discover extremely offensive.

In the years to come back I dated numerous “rock n’ roll” guys who didn’t bathe—unsurprisingly, one other threat. When I acquired BV, I used to be prescribed antibiotics as a treatment. But as I continued my immersive sexual “research,” the BV repeatedly got here again with a vengeance. Hence, extra antibiotics, which isn’t wholesome. But taking an antibiotic may cause a yeast an infection (actually, is the universe trolling us?), which catapulted me into an limitless ping-pong between the 2.

To add to the combination, I used to be additionally getting UTI’s—partially, in hindsight, for continuously sporting low cost, faux-lace panties, and being too lazy to pee after intercourse. I as soon as acquired a UTI so dangerous that it morphed right into a kidney an infection, which landed me within the hospital. I like intercourse, however intercourse began to really feel tense, as a result of it put me liable to this hellish trifecta.

Image: Nathan Johnson

The “Climax”

A month into courting my present boyfriend, I awakened at 6 a.m. to horrible ache in my decrease stomach. As anybody with power UTI’s is aware of, the ache wasn’t mysterious. Since my physician didn’t open for a number of hours, I figured I’d simply do my regular routine till then: pee a number of droplets of razor blades, then lie on the toilet flooring within the fetal place for roughly 10 minutes till I undoubtedly needed to pee once more. However, this UTI wasn’t joking. In the top, I needed to lie down in a scorching bathe to allow me to pee as wanted, with out having to face up.

Two hours later, my boyfriend woke as much as discover me nonetheless mendacity within the bathe, crying, evenly peeing on myself. Rather than being freaked out, he promptly introduced me ibuprofen and rushed me to the physician, which was after I knew I’d received the boyfriend lottery.

At the physician’s workplace, I discovered a scary piece of information: Because of a long time of medical doctors over-prescribing antibiotics, people are creating antibiotic resistance, which is at present one of many greatest threats to international well being. UTI’s are a number of the most typical infections on this planet, and research present that UTI-causing micro organism are rising more and more proof against antibiotics.

I found that my power UTI’s had been truly one lingering UTI that every spherical of antibiotics minimized, however didn’t completely kill. Finally, I used to be placed on two antibiotics without delay, for 2 full weeks—the longest I’ve gone with out consuming since I used to be sixteen—to do away with it. If you will have power UTI’s, I like to recommend checking together with your physician to evaluate whether or not this may be taking place to you. After that, I went into mega prevention mode.


Since then, I’ve turn into a psycho with a every day vaginal self-care routine. It contains pounding probiotics and cranberry tablets every day. Probiotics assist keep a wholesome vaginal microbiome—I’m not a scientist and don’t know what meaning, however I don’t care so long as it prevents my shit from getting tousled. Cranberry helps defend urinary tract well being. And I like probiotics so f-ing a lot that I actually thanked them within the acknowledgements of my guide.

The remainder of my routine contains:

  • peeing instantly after intercourse
  • solely sporting cotton underwear
  • solely utilizing silicone intercourse toys that may be de-sanitized in boiling water
  • abandoning latex condoms
  • being a neurotic who asks my accomplice to scrub their arms and/or penis earlier than intercourse

Recently, I’ve began taking HUM’s Private Party vaginal well being complement each morning. It’s a robust combo of probiotics particularly curated for the vagina and concentrated cranberry PAC’s. (PAC’s are the concentrated energetic ingredient in cranberries so that you get the identical advantages as consuming cranberry juice every single day. Because actually, who has the time?)

Private Party makes life simple as a result of it helps each your urinary tract well being and vaginal pH in a single every day capsule. I take mine each morning with a glass of wine. Take notice! Before you understand it, your vagina (and its micro organism) shall be thriving!

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