What occurs once you keep away from added sugars for thirty days? Honestly, rather more than we anticipated. Here have been our bodily outcomes from our no sugar problem together with 5 classes.

Why we tried the no sugar problem

I’ll admit it. I’m a complete sugar addict. In my regular food plan, I prefer to have a dessert each single day. I maintain chocolate in my desk drawer. Once a month I pattern all the seasonal flavors at Salt & Straw. I’ve double servings of cake on the workplace on birthdays. And I by no means depart a grocery retailer or pharmacy with out additionally choosing up a deal with with my purchases.

But, I additionally know the stuff is horrible for you. Frankly, my dental payments are alarming sufficient. Cavities apart, I additionally know sugar may also result in weight achieve, hormonal imbalances, and actually mess along with your pores and skin. Perhaps most significantly for me, are the results of sugar in your thoughts and temper. When researchers on the Mood Disorders Center of the Baylor College of Medicine checked out knowledge throughout six totally different nations, they discovered that there was “a highly significant correlation between sugar consumption and the annual rate of depression.” Similarly, in one other survey at West Virginia University, researchers discovered a correlation between anxious younger adults and better added sugar consumption.

As somebody who struggles with temper swings and nervousness, I used to be keen to enhance my psychological wellbeing with a sugar elimination food plan. I used to be additionally curious to see bodily adjustments within the readability of my pores and skin and weight.

And to make the problem extra enjoyable, I enlisted our gross sales director, Vanessa Lee, to attempt it with me.

Our No Sugar Challenge Rules

For our no sugar problem, we determined to take away the next culprits from our food plan:

  • Processed sugars (White, brown, coconut, and so on.)
  • Other pure sweeteners (agave, maple syrup, honey, and so on.)
  • Sugar substitutes (stevia, xylitol, monkfruit, and so on.)
  • Dried fruits and dates (mango, raisins, apricots, and so on.)
  • Fruit juices (apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, and so on.)
  • Wine and beer

However, we did permit the next throughout our no sugar problem:

  • Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, berries, bananas, and so on.)
  • Sugar-free arduous alcohols (vodka, tequila, gin, and so on.)

Why this listing? My main objective was to remove the unfavourable psychological and bodily unintended effects of added sugars. But we additionally wished to remove the psychological reliance on different super-concentrated and processed sweeteners. For that motive, we went as far as to additionally keep away from honey, stevia, dried fruits, and fruit juices.

Alternatively, as a result of contemporary fruit is available in its pure unprocessed state and is filled with fiber to counterbalance its pure sugars, we stored this one as okay for our functions.

Our No Sugar Challenge Results

After thirty days of the no sugar problem, right here have been our outcomes…

Vanessa's before and after results after thirty days without sugar.


Interestingly, Vanessa truly gained two kilos and in addition two p.c physique fats throughout this problem. (Perhaps on account of extra lax compliance, however extra on that later…) Still, the lower in her waist is noticeable in these images. Measurements revealed she misplaced two inches from her midsection. “I definitely had extra room in my pants by the end of the month,” Vanessa confirms.

Zena's before and after for the thirty day no sugar challenge


In thirty days I misplaced 2.eight kilos and decreased my total physique fats by three.6%. Shockingly, my waist decreased by three full inches. (For context, that’s higher than the outcomes I noticed doing Complete30! And I didn’t even have to surrender grains and legumes this time. Hallelujah.) More importantly, I felt the psychological well being advantages I used to be on the lookout for. By the top of the month, I felt empowered in my meals selections, secure in my power and temper, and much more productive in my work days.

What we discovered in the course of the no sugar problem

Here’s a full breakdown of our greatest classes from finishing the no sugar problem:

Avoiding sugar at Restaurants is Basically unattainable

If present process this problem your self, be ready to be that individual at eating places. Between sauces, dressings, marinades, and bread, no dish is a positive factor. All of those seemingly innocent aspect substances are seemingly sweetened with some type of added sugar in a restaurant setting. Don’t be afraid to query your server⁠—however do keep in mind to tip them properly. They will almost definitely need to test with the chef to substantiate particular substances. Our suggestion? Be your personal chef as typically as attainable for optimum ease and compliancy within the no sugar problem.

Most of your so-called “health foods” are additionally loaded with sugar

Vanessa considers herself a reasonably wholesome eater with solely the occasional candy tooth. However, she was shocked to search out that a lot of her pantry staples didn’t make the lower. “My full-fat greek yogurt, my nut milk, my granola, and my cereal all had added sugar. One of the most challenging parts of this was realizing how much sugar is in the foods that I thought were healthy,” she shares. Don’t let a label declare idiot you. Learn the right way to learn vitamin labels like an skilled and determine for your self whether or not a product is consistent with your targets, or not.

Sugar withdrawal signs are not any joke

Seven to 10 days into the no sugar problem, I felt downright dismal. I used to be drained, unhappy, anxious, and couldn’t focus at work. So a lot in order that I feared I used to be getting into a critical depressive episode or having an existential life disaster. Luckily, some fast analysis on sugar withdrawal signs revealed in any other case. Medical News Today stories that sugar withdrawal signs can embrace complications, fatigue, irritability, and feeling down. Ding, ding, ding! Knowing this gave me some peace of thoughts however I want I had been higher ready. If trying your self, I like to recommend scheduling remedy prematurely or clearing your schedule to permit for as a lot relaxation and rest as attainable in the course of the testy withdrawal interval.

You are stronger than your cravings

Doing the no sugar problem gave me a complete new consciousness of the interior workings of my sugar cravings. Personally, my sugar cravings sometimes arose out of boredom, unhappiness, or with the intent to have a good time. However, by abstaining from these cravings, I turned extra conscious of my wants in a extra possible way. Instead of numbing each want with a spike of sugar, I discovered to acknowledge how I used to be doing all through the day and tackle my wants in different methods. Finally, in instances once I actually simply felt snacky, a extra nutritious different was at all times simply as satisfying.

should you slip up, maintain going

Throughout the month, Vanessa and I weren’t good. If I needed to estimate, I’d say I complied by all of our guidelines completely 85-90% of the month. I had wine twice in the course of the month, beer as soon as, dates as soon as, some dried fruit and bread at eating places a couple of instances. Vanessa offers herself a compliancy rating of 60%. Her cheats included wine, dates, ketchup, a cookie, and a mini cupcake. Did we cheat slightly? Yes. But the truth is sugar is omnipresent on a regular basis and avoiding it’s no small process. When we cave it may be tempting to throw warning to the wind and abandon our efforts fully. But even with our dallying, Vanessa and I each noticed optimistic outcomes that show you will get outcomes with out the disgrace and stress of 100% good compliancy.


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