Quest Squad Highlight: Meet Emmalouise Brown

One of the pillars of Quest that we share across the workplace is fierce interdependency. Every city corridor firm assembly champions this pillar as a result of it’s on the crux of the whole lot we do. One department of our fiercely interdependent tree is likely one of the most pivotal, and that’s our unbelievable Quest Squad.

Quest Squad is a program the place we give the most important Quest followers a voice, neighborhood, enjoyable freebies and the chance to coordinate with like-minded people to community. In addition to these advantages, we oftentimes ask members to assist out with occasions Quest attends in the event that they’re occurring of their space. One such Quest squad member is the one we’re highlighting right this moment.

Emmalouise Brown has been a member of the Quest Squad since earlier than it was an official program. Born in England, Emmalouise struggled with weight points all through her youthful years. Coupled with the truth that she’s asthmatic, she believed a lifetime of health and vitamin was out of attain. Then she tried a Quest White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Bar and the whole lot modified.

“I never really enjoyed ‘health foods.’ They never tasted right, but one day I was in GNC and I saw a sign talking about Quest Bars and I tried the White Chocolate Raspberry Bar and I was hooked.” I requested Emmalouise if that’s modified since that day and she or he knowledgeable me that it’s nonetheless her go-to. “I have four boxes right now just to make sure I don’t run out!”

As tacky because it sounds, it actually does really feel like a household. I’ve met individuals in Quest Squad which have grow to be private pals who I speak to and textual content ceaselessly.

After falling in love along with her favourite taste, in 2014, Emmalouse determined to contribute to Quest as a volunteer for Fit Expo, serving to out with the Quest sales space. Six years later, she’s one of many longest operating members of Quest Squad. When I ask her how she determined to make such a dramatic change in her life from being obese and missing in train to an individual who trains for marathons, she gave an unlikely reply.

“I honestly believe that distance running helped with my asthma, as crazy as that sounds.” Not solely does Emmalouse practice for marathons, she’s at present engaged on a qualifying time for the Boston marathon. Even below California’s lockdown orders, she finds time daily to hop on the treadmill and ideal her distance operating talents. One day hoping to qualify, and even presumably run in, the Boston Marathon. So if any readers want to home Emmalouise throughout her hopeful Boston Marathon run, you’d make her 12 months.

Like everybody who decides to make a transformational change of their way of life, it wasn’t straightforward for Emmalouise, “I was overweight and tried dieting, but it never seemed to work. I was depriving myself of food and that never works. No sweets, no chocolates and I was getting nowhere. I’d lose weight and then gain it right back. I felt stuck.” That’s when she got here throughout the White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bar. “I’d never had something that tasted so good, but that also wasn’t horrible for me.” It’s not daily the place you may work for an organization that makes a product that may basically remodel somebody’s life, however that’s precisely what I found when chatting with Emmalouise.

When the dialog got here to what she loved most from being a member of the Quest Squad she paused and took a deep breath, “As cheesy as it sounds, it really does feel like a family. I’ve met people in Quest Squad that have become personal friends who I talk to and text frequently. It’s such a wonderful supportive group of people and I’ve made lasting relationships.”

That’s the factor about habits, they don’t occur in a single day. It takes quite a lot of time and quite a lot of failure and discovering out what works for you.

For our Quest Squad members, we oftentimes ship out merchandise that members get to strive earlier than most of the people. Along with which are missions — mainly postings utilizing the brand new merchandise, which Emmalouise has been (principally) in step with. When I ask her what has impeded her potential to finish a mission she laughs and tells me “I get so excited to try the new products that sometimes I finish them before I can complete my mission.” Which, as a model, is an effective drawback for Quest to have.

What I actually wished to know is what actually drew her to Quest over different manufacturers. “The taste, by far. But also the ingredients you use and the macros of the bars and other products are so good that I sometimes catch my husband, more of a computers and technology guy, not into fitness, stealing my White Chocolate Raspberry bars.” This is one thing we hear from quite a lot of Quest Squad members, so there’s one other neighborhood hyperlink that binds our followers.

I needed to ask Emmalouse what recommendation she has for individuals (perhaps you studying this!) who’re keen on becoming a member of the Quest Squad. Her reply was easy, “Do it. There’s lots of opportunity to meet people who can help you advance, achieve or set whatever fitness goals you may have. And if you want to make a transformational lifestyle change, there’s no better group to help you hit your goals.”

You can take pleasure in so lots of the meals you’re keen on, particularly desserts, when you use the Multi-purpose powder. You can bake, make smoothies, add your individual components, no matter you need.

I adopted up with a query about her private journey and the way lengthy it took her to get on monitor, and her reply was shocking. “I’d say it took me years of trying different things before it finally hooked me. But that’s the thing about habits, they don’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and a lot of failure and finding out what works for you. That’s my biggest piece of advice — if you’re trying something and doing workouts that you hate, switch it up. Find something that makes you feel good and something you look forward to. That will make the change that much more meaningful and easier to stick to. Set little goals along the way. It’ll change your life.”

Before we ended our dialog, I requested Emmalouse if there have been every other Quest merchandise she would select over her go-to White Chocolate Raspberry Bar and her reply shocked me. It’s not one you hear daily, “The Multi-purpose mix protein powder. It bakes so well. I make waffles, pancakes, brownies, anything I can. You can enjoy so many of the foods you love, especially desserts, if you use the Multi-purpose powder. You can bake, make smoothies, add your own ingredients, whatever you want. And you guys have so many recipes available that you can have a different meal every day.” Not a nasty ingredient to have in your repertoire, particularly below our present covid-19, stay-at-home lives.

It was a pleasure to talk with Emmalouise and her dedication to her way of life is really humbling. If you’re taking something from our interview, take the recommendation of Emmalouise and apply for the Quest Squad. You can acquire entry to a neighborhood of individuals devoted to attaining their private targets, get free Quest goodies, and, when you’re fortunate sufficient, perhaps you may grow to be pals with the endearing and galvanizing Emmalouise.

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