If I surveyed 100 meatheads and requested them, “what is the best exercise for the rear delts?” 99 of them would reply “reverse flyes.”


The seated reverse flye is the commonest train used to focus on the rear delts. It is smart as a result of the reverse flye movement does a very good job of isolating the rear delts—the train isn’t optimum, although.



The seated dumbbell (DB) reverse flye suffers from a few important flaws and in coaching, the train doesn’t match the muscle’s power curve. The power curve of the delts in isolation workouts is bell-shaped. This means that you’re strongest within the mid-range and weaker in the beginning and finish ranges.


The resistance profile of the DB reverse flye means the load is heaviest on the prime and lightest on the backside as a result of the torque required to carry the load is larger the farther from the physique the arm strikes. At the underside of the carry the arm is by your facet. At the highest it’s method out to your facet. This lengthy lever arm means the burden feels a lot heavier on this place.


The DB reverse flye doesn’t match up with the muscle’s profile and, subsequently, you aren’t totally difficult it all through the carry. Instead, it is rather simple on the backside and an absolute killer on the prime. The muscle is barely being challenged by a small a part of the vary and the burden you need to use is restricted by what you’ll be able to deal with on the prime.


Fix Your Flyes

Fixing this situation is definitely quite simple. Do the facet mendacity DB reverse flye. By manipulating your physique place, you’ll be able to create an train that matches the rear delt’s power profile and supplies an acceptable problem all through all the vary.


By mendacity facet on to the bench once you carry out the carry you’ll be able to create a resistance profile the place the carry matches the muscle’s capability carefully. Because of your place, the lever arm could be very small to start with and will increase as you progress by the mid-range earlier than dropping off on the finish.


This is good and means the rear delts are stimulated by each inch of each rep. More stimulus equals extra good points.



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