Losing 10 kilos. Running a half marathon. Getting six-pack abs. How do you flip short-term consumer objectives into one thing significant, sustainable, and galvanizing? Enter: deep well being teaching, the revolutionary methodology that will get your purchasers the outcomes they need, plus the outcomes they want.


Are you actually remodeling your purchasers’ well being?

Are you serving to them thrive, in all features of life?

Sure, chances are you’ll be serving to them enhance their bench press, really feel assured on their seashore trip, or get sidewalk-cracking swole.

But what if we advised you meals and health—the domains of bodily well being—are solely 16 p.c of what determines your purchasers’ success? 

What in case you might transfer past “12 week beach bod programs,” or “pre-wedding weight loss,” to one thing actually significant and sustainable, and much more inspiring?

After all… what occurs to the seashore bod at week 13?

Or by the 10th marriage ceremony anniversary?

Can your purchasers keep at and even develop past their objectives with out feeling disadvantaged, hungry, and depressing?

Without turning meals and health right into a full-time job?

And with out backsliding from short-lived delight and mirror selfies into enduring disgrace and dishevelled sweatshirts?

Is there a manner that YOU can construct a sustainable teaching enterprise the place you frequently assist individuals study, develop, and enhance… with out having to continuously hustle new purchasers or begin from scratch time and again?

Where your purchasers aren’t simply okay with the quick-fix outcomes they get… however reworked in and out, to the purpose the place they rave about you to their family and friends?

What in case you might be a training alchemist… somebody who turns superficial bodily objectives into substantive life gold?

After working with over 100,000 purchasers, we imagine you will get extra bold—and be more practical and fulfilled—with an method that goes far past the superficial.

It’s referred to as teaching for deep well being.

This is when all domains of well being are in sync, as a substitute of simply the bodily.

It’s not solely about how your purchasers look or carry out.

It’s additionally about how they suppose, reply, clear up issues, and take care of the world round them.

“Wait,” you may say. “I’m all for deep health, but my 4pm is here and they want to lose 20 pounds.”


Coaching for deep well being will provide help to get them there sooner and extra simply than ever earlier than—in a manner that matches their life and is sustainable.

(That’s good in your purchasers.)

Their outcomes will translate into glowing evaluations, a lot of referral enterprise, and a useful sense of profession achievement. 

(That’s good for you.)


The six domains of deep well being

Deep well being doesn’t come from a tablet or an operation.

Deep well being comes from a balanced food regimen of recent, complete meals. It comes from enough train mixed with real relaxation. It comes from clear air and clear water. It comes from actual human connection and honest emotional expression.

And it comes from dwelling with objective and pleasure, and utilizing your life as an expression of these items.

When you coach for deep well being, you take into account the multi-dimensional thriving of a complete individual of their complete life. 

Not simply physique fats proportion and blood work, but additionally elements like how individuals suppose, really feel, reside, and connect with others.

Don’t fear: We’re not suggesting you grasp psychotherapy, or sort out the human situation.

We are suggesting you perceive how wholesome consuming and life-style practices have an effect on each side of your consumer’s well-being. And vice versa.

Here are the six domains of deep well being.

These areas of well being are deeply entwined and strongly linked.

You most likely understand how we really feel can have an effect on how we eat. (This is, in spite of everything, most individuals’s #1 diet problem.)

You might need additionally observed that individuals with supportive households, sturdy connections at their gyms, or welcoming health communities (similar to operating or biking teams) usually tend to present up for his or her exercises.

Or that individuals with a transparent objective, self-stories that foster wholesome actions, or the willingness to vary struggling into motion usually tend to keep motivated and succeed.

Every area of deep well being influences consuming and train behaviors.

That’s what teaching for deep well being is all about.

Let’s see how this may look in actual life.

Example 1: Your consumer is a devoted runner with an damage. 

They can’t run correctly, which implies they will’t practice, and so they’re getting deconditioned. That’s the present state of their bodily well being.

But due to this case, they’re additionally:

  • feeling depressed and annoyed (emotional well being)
  • lonely and disconnected, lacking their weekend run golf equipment and races (relational well being)
  • beginning to surprise what the purpose of something is (existential well being)

Example 2: Your consumer works lengthy hours at a high-stress job.

They sit at a desk (which impacts their bodily well being through inactivity and again / neck ache), and so they don’t get their correct sleep (bodily well being affect once more)

Because of this case, they’re additionally:

  • anxious and confused, answering emails late at night time (emotional well being)
  • arguing with their accomplice about working an excessive amount of (relational well being)
  • spending most of their time in a windowless cubicle with takeout meals a telephone name away (environmental well being)
  • on the cusp of a midlife disaster (existential well being)

Now… right here’s the actually cool half:

The issues are linked… however so are the options.

Struggling in a single area of deep well being often means struggling in others.

But there’s a flip aspect right here, too.

Improving one area may also enhance others.

This is the facility of deep well being teaching.

Maybe you assist your injured consumer discover different actions and mentally handle their ache.

For occasion, you may introduce them to water sports activities or swimming. You assist them normalize damage and work on rehab.

They get again to motion. They really feel happier. They meet new mates at dragon boating or the native pool.

Or, possibly you give your stressed-out consumer some rest methods, a little bit of mobility work to do at their desk, and the variety of a wholesome meal supply service. Plus, you empathize with their challenges.

They relax somewhat, transfer extra of their day, focus higher, and (because of higher focus and therefore productiveness) even discover time to come back dwelling half an hour earlier, which makes their partner happier.


Pull a lever in a single area of deep well being, and gears in different domains may also transfer.

Use the connections between deep well being domains to your benefit. If one space is off-limits or quickly damaged, strive one other one.

Deep well being appears to be like totally different to everybody.

For a younger stay-at-home mother or father, it might be balancing a sure pants measurement with weekly ice cream night time with their youngsters.

For an elite powerlifter, it is perhaps pushing their bench press with out screwing up their shoulders or social life.

For a retiree of their 70s, it could be “mobility over medication”—staying off the blood stress drugs and having fun with lengthy walks with their partner.

That’s why your purchasers want teaching that’s individualized and considerate.

Deep well being isn’t about guidelines or beliefs.

It’s about exploration and invitation.

Explore your purchasers’ worlds to search out areas for development, enchancment, and studying. Then, invite them to try this development and studying together with you.

This provides you limitless teaching prospects… and a long-term, profitable and fulfilling teaching relationship for each consumer and coach.

Coach for deep well being… and higher outcomes

Where do you begin?

Easy… simply ask your purchasers. 

They can let you know the place they want essentially the most assist, or the place they wish to flourish extra.

Don’t consider this course of as a analysis or an interrogation.

Instead, consider it extra like opening a dialog, constructing a narrative, and deepening a training connection.

You can casually ask certainly one of these questions, or all of them, if you’d like.

You can ask and intuit in numerous methods, gathering information from a variety of consumer cues (for example, their physique language).

You may even make these questions a part of your progress check-ins, in case you like, utilizing the questionnaire under.

(Download a printable copy to make use of for your self or your purchasers.)

As you discover together with your consumer, you’ll each acquire helpful consciousness.

Your consumer could begin to discover the place they’re dwelling out of alignment with their deeper values and objectives. Or the place one area is linked to a different, in methods they’d by no means realized. (Example: “Gosh, on days I don’t get exercise, I’m really cranky”.)

Often, this straightforward consciousness is sufficient to spark a dialog about change.

Or, you may information purchasers extra intentionally in direction of noticing what may want their consideration. (Example: “I find that clients who have trouble sleeping also have trouble managing their appetite… Does that feel true for you?”)

Of course, as you most likely know, telling purchasers what to do doesn’t work. So as a substitute of evaluating your consumer’s questionnaire and giving them an “assignment,” ask them:

“What’s on your garbage list?”

These are behaviors you recognize are whole “garbage” in your well being, sanity, and well-being—however you do them anyway. Everyone’s acquired just a few.

Weekend overeating, skipping restoration days, and never getting sufficient sleep are a number of the most typical rubbish checklist objects. But they may be something from participating in unfavorable self-talk to stocking the freezer with ice cream each Friday.

Asking a few consumer’s rubbish checklist is a quick-and-dirty manner to determine the place to prioritize your efforts, and get them on the trail to deep well being.

But it’s solely just the start.

If you wish to begin to actually grasp this teaching philosophy, learn on.

Ask the correct questions… to search out mind-blowing options.

After the preliminary evaluation, you’ll most likely have working speculation about your consumer’s deep well being.

So as a coach, you may have two roles to play at this level:

Deep well being detective: Investigate. 

  • In which space(s) does it appear to be there could also be extra to uncover?
  • Where is your consumer struggling most?

Deep well being sherpa: Guide. 

  • Don’t “fix,” however improve your consumer’s consciousness.
  • Collaborate to discover the place they will search assist—or provide you with their very own options (with some supportive teaching).

In quick: Let your consumer let you know what they want so as to see outcomes. 

Below is a helpful quick-start dialog information that can assist you accomplish that. There are a pair methods to make use of it.

Option 1: Work your manner by means of every query, trying to find locations the place you wish to dig deeper. In these areas, use the followup questions to search out out extra.

Option 2: Skip proper to the query that pertains to the realm the place your consumer wants essentially the most assist. Use the preliminary query to start out a dialog, then dive into the followup inquiries to get extra detailed.

In each circumstances, you should utilize the “action-focused pondering” questions to assist your consumer begin brainstorming options.

They don’t must make any selections about learn how to change issues immediately, however these questions will assist get the method began. 

Deep Health Domain #1

Physical well being: “How do you feel physically?”

Sometimes individuals can let you know clearly and particularly about their meals, train, well being, mobility/ache, and general restoration.

For occasion, possibly they’ll say “I’m freaking exhausted because I work 12-hour shifts. My knees hurt from lots of standing on the job. I have no energy to cook, and so I eat convenience-store crap.”

Great! Now you may have a strong path.

Sometimes they will’t let you know what’s up. Or they’ll say “Meh, okay, I guess.”

If that occurs, no drawback. Try a number of the followup questions under and see what your consumer says. If you’re not making progress, you may all the time deal with a special space.

Potential followup questions

  • Learn extra about diet struggles: “What’s your largest diet problem proper now?
  • Find obstacles to motion: “How do you feel when you exercise?”
  • Action-focused pondering: “What’s keeping you from getting the body you really want?”

Deep Health Domain #2

Emotional well being: “How are you doing emotionally?”

This will be troublesome to speak about, nevertheless it issues. How your consumer feels emotionally on a day-to-day foundation can affect every thing from their diet habits to their relationships with others.

A fast professional tip: For many of those questions, what your consumer doesn’t say is sort of as essential as what they do say.

Look for physique language cues, particularly in the event that they’re telling an emotionally laden story. Like, in the event that they smile rigidly whereas saying “I want to kill my boss,” or appear to break down like a pile of unwashed laundry whereas saying “I’m so discouraged with my performance.”

If they provide you a one-word reply, take into account urgent additional. Maybe there’s nothing there, however you received’t discover out except you ask.

Potential followup questions

  • Understand their means to take care of feelings: “Sounds like you had a pretty bad day yesterday. How did you deal with that?”
  • Evaluate common temper: “If you had to describe your overall mood in three words, what would they be?”
  • Action-focused pondering: “What do those three words [above] tell you? Is there anything you’d like to change about your emotional health?”

Deep Health Domain #three

Mental well being: “What happened last time you were presented with a big logistical challenge?”

This space is generally about how effectively their thoughts is working. And this query helps purchasers consider their means to problem-solve, focus, prioritize, and put issues in perspective.

You’ll additionally get an opportunity to see what their capability for perception is like. Do they provide any extra reflections about how they dealt with the scenario? Or how they might have dealt with the scenario in another way?

A consumer who’s not doing so scorching on this space might be having a tough time focusing at work or continuously forgetting essential objects on their to-do checklist. So hold a watch out for indicators they might profit from upping their psychological recreation.

Potential followup questions

  • Search for gaps in group and psychological readability: “How do you keep track of all the things you have to get done in any given day?”
  • Assess creativity: “Where and when do you have the best ideas?”
  • Action-focused pondering: “What do you think you need in order to have a clearer head?”

Deep Health Domain #four

Existential well being: “Why do you want to make changes to your health?”

Existential well being refers to having a deeper “why,” or feeling like our actions have that means.

When we have now a robust sense of ourselves and what we’re right here to do, we really feel worthwhile. Valuing ourselves then impacts how we deal with our minds, our our bodies, and the individuals round us.

People discover that means in roles as different as being the most effective mother or father they are often to creating the world a greater place by means of their work. The essential factor is that your consumer finds that means in one thing.

Clearly understanding motivations, or what’s driving the will to vary, can be essential. We can change with out understanding precisely why we’re doing it, nevertheless it helps  to really feel like there’s a deeper objective to the discomfort we’re going through.

And only a heads up, the extra instances you supply a curious “why?”, the extra seemingly you might be to get to the actual cause they wish to make a change of their life. Practice beginning sentences with “I’m wondering about…” and “Why…?”

Potential followup questions

  • Look for general objective: “What’s driving you, here? What’s lighting a fire under your butt to do this, or live life in general?”
  • Ask concerning the “not-why”: “What’s not driving you? What do you not care about doing or having?” (Sometimes it’s simpler for individuals to call what they don’t need, then you may discover the other to uncover what they actually worth.)
  • Gauge their sense of belonging: How do you see your self becoming into the “big picture?”
  • Action-focused pondering: “What do you think would give your life more meaning? Is there anything you already do that you find meaningful?”

Deep Health Domain #5

Relational well being: “Who in your life is supporting you in this health journey?”

Social assist is extremely essential to success in a well being and health journey, so discovering out in case your consumer has it may provide help to higher assess their wants.

If your consumer has somebody in thoughts they know they will depend on for assist, it’s train for them to “notice and name” that individual. This query may additionally assist your consumer notice they should ask for assist from somebody near them, like a accomplice or partner.

Relationships could have an effect on your consumer’s habits with out them even realizing it. For instance, if their accomplice prefers to look at TV whereas consuming dinner, it could be harder for them to eat slowly and focus on their meals.

Potential followup questions

  • Probe for significant relationships: “It sounds like Person X really matters to you! Can you tell me more about how they support you?”
  • Gauge their sense of belonging: “Where and with who do you feel like you ‘belong?’”
  • Action-focused pondering: “What do you need from the people you’re close to in order to succeed?”

Deep Health Domain #6

Environmental well being: “How do your surroundings affect your health?”

Everything from the meals in your home to the climate in your metropolis to the political ambiance in your nation is a part of your surroundings.

Being and feeling secure, safe, and supported by your surroundings lets you make higher decisions in your well being.

Having entry to sources similar to healthcare or wholesome meals can be a part of environmental well being.

We can’t management some components of our surroundings. They’re extra structural and systemic, woven into the material of our societies. These are referred to as social determinants of well being, and embody poverty, racism, homophobia, lack of lodging for disabilities, and displacement (as within the case of refugees).

In any of those conditions, it could be very troublesome to take steps to vary somebody’s surroundings. What will help is to deal with the issues you may management wherever potential.

Potential followup questions

  • Determine entry to sources: “Is there anything you feel you need in order to reach your goals that you don’t currently have access to?”
  • Evaluate their security and safety: “Where do you feel most comfortable and safe?”
  • Action-focused pondering: “If you could change your environment to help you better meet your goals, how would you do so?”

What to do subsequent…

Look on the huge image.

By now you perceive how seemingly unrelated elements, like somebody’s relationships and work life, may have an effect on their means to lose fats, acquire muscle, and/or enhance their general well being.

So for the most effective outcomes, assess each consumer for deep well being—even when they’ve a super-specific aesthetic aim.

Dig for connections.

The social bone is linked to the psychological bone, is linked to the bodily bone, and so forth. Pull a thread of your consumer’s life with curiosity, assuming that issues are associated, and see what it unravels.

This additionally signifies that small particular issues are a microcosm. If a consumer involves you with huge issues, ask for explicit, concrete examples of how these issues manifested. For occasion:

Client: I eat terribly.

Coach: Can you inform me a particular scenario within the final day or two the place you ate terribly? Like one meal, possibly? What was occurring then?

And so on.

Collaborate together with your consumer.

Don’t inform, direct, lecture, or instantly soar in with “helpful” ideas.

Instead: Investigate, collectively. Ask, study, hear.

Every consumer wants a singular method, and they should purchase in, first. That occurs once they really feel autonomous and self-determined, and once they get to inform their story with out judgement from the coach.

All it’s a must to do to create an individualized plan is to ask the correct questions, and hearken to the solutions.

Remember that teaching is a science, nevertheless it’s additionally an artwork.

The science of diet can get your purchasers abs. Artful teaching could make their lives higher. Combine the 2, and also you’re setting your self (and your purchasers) up for fulfillment.

What in case you might make an actual distinction within the lives of others—and by no means really feel confused about diet once more?

When it comes to higher well being and health, specializing in diet is an important and efficient step. But there’s a giant drawback: Most individuals don’t really feel certified to educate diet, particularly in a manner that results in deep well being and lasting change.

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Whether you’re already mid-career, or simply beginning out, the PN Level 1 Certification is your springboard to a deeper understanding of diet, the authority to educate it, and the power to show what you recognize into outcomes—for your self and your purchasers.

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