If you might be a sophisticated lifter and also you need to enhance or shock a bodypart (or in our case the shoulders) it is best to do this intense Shoulder Workout Routine. The system known as – Power/Rep Range/Shock or shortly P/RR/S. The exercise represents a three-week part that’s carried out thrice over the course of 9 weeks.

This exercise goals to enhance a weak physique half or, in case you can deal with it, you possibly can prepare your total physique with it. P/RR/S prevents from becoming bored doing the same old exercise routine.

But first, we have to warn you: If you simply began coaching or coaching lower than a 12 months, you’re not prepared for a program of this depth. Meaning, you need to have a primary understanding of how the muscle teams work, it’s good to have some good power developed, and a very good mind-muscle reference to the muscle groups being skilled. If you aren’t superior, you ought to be higher off with a few of these shoulder exercises.

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Week 1: Power Phase

The important depth part comes from Power week that’s set for 3 units of 4 to 6 reps with 4 to 5 minutes’ relaxation between units. The delts consists of three sections, heads — anterior, or entrance; lateral, or facet; and posterior, or rear — so that you carry out one train for every head.

Front Delts

Seated barbell presses    three x Four-6

Side Delts

Lateral raises    three x Four-6

Rear Delts

Upright barbell rows        three x Four-6

You must hit the aimed muscle groups onerous to the purpose of failure throughout the four-to-six-rep vary, however don’t go extraordinarily heavy. You shouldn’t sacrifice kind in favor of doing extra reps. You’re attempting to construct muscle, so don’t intention to achieve max weight.

Week 2: Rep Range Phase

After grueling Power Week comes Rep Range week. Follow the identical ideas as described for Power week, however the rep vary is completely different for every train. First train for units of eight to 9 reps, the second train for 10 to 12 reps and the third train for 13 to 15 reps. Your relaxation between units is 2 and three minutes.

You can swap up the order during which you prepare the heads. You begin with the facet heads then hit the rear and, lastly, the entrance.

Side Delts

Seated lateral raises    three x 9

Rear Delts

Bent-over dumbbell or cable laterals    three x 10-12

Front Delts

Seated dumbbell/barbell presses    three x 13-15

Make positive you squeeze on the high of every motion to be able to carry out a correct contraction of the muscle groups.

Week three: Shock Phase

Shock week consists of excessive intensity-boosting methods that intention to problem the muscle groups, so after they recuperate, they’ll develop and turn out to be stronger. The methods can embrace supersets, drop units, partial reps or relaxation/pause methodology. For the sake of simplicity we’ll go along with the drop set approach.

With drop units you do a set with a heavy weight and whenever you get to failure you drop the load by about 25% and proceed to do extra repetitions until you get to failure once more. Take two minute breaks after every drop set.

Once once more you possibly can change the order during which you prepare the deltoid heads — begin with the rear, adopted by the entrance and, lastly, the facet delts.

Rear Delts

Bent-over lateral raises
warm-up    2 x 15-20
Drop Set*   1 x Eight-10(Four), Eight(Four), Eight(Four)

Front Delts

Smith-machine or hammer presses

warm-up    1 x 15-20
Drop Set*    1 x Eight-10(three), Eight(three), Eight(three)

Side heads

One-arm cable laterals
warm-up    1 x 15-20
Drop Set*     1 x Eight-10(three), Eight(three), Eight(three)

Drop Set* is a drop set, and you’ll execute it as follows:

– You ought to analyze rigorously and decide a weight with which you’ll attain failure at Eight to 10 reps and do a set;
– relaxation 5 seconds,
– Drop the load by 25% after which go to failure once more.
– Rest for 10 seconds
– Then scale back the load by 25% once more and go to failure once more ;

After Week three

You can begin once more the processes with Power week once more, adopted by Rep Range week and Shock week. Then repeat the general three-week cycle one final time for 9 weeks whole. After three rounds of P/RR/S  take every week off to recuperate and put together for the subsequent nine-week part — in case you really feel as much as it.


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